Saturday, 26 August 2017

I've become increasingly frustrated with the restrictions of Blogger. The template I adopted a few years ago seems to have progressively lost functionality and it's not easy to fix. So I am going to try switching the blog to Wordpress and see how it goes there. If it's not satisfactory, I'll look for another solution.

I exported this blog to a back-up file and imported it into Wordpress. The import process seems to have worked surprisingly well, although it looks like it doesn't create an automatic thumbnail for YouTube videos. Nonetheless, all of the old content should be accessible there. I haven't put any design effort into the Wordpress site yet but I probably will.

If you have links to this site, please change them to point to new Wordpress URL:

I'm not sure whether it will be possible to migrate the IoStream or whether it's worth doing. The first new post is now up at the Wordpress site: Sweden, where free speech is defined as its opposite
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  1. Personally i like the IoStream.

    1. But i don't know if i will be able to post on the new site.

    2. You can always comment on wordpress, you may have to register first of course.

    3. Hi Jo Ann, nice to see you. I was talking about being able to write articles on the new blog. CZ gave me a permission to do that so the issue is settled.

      If you are looking for ways to find the Daily Stormer, they are now here -

      If they got shut down again you can look for updates from them on Gab:

    4. Oh yeah, thank you - I'm on gab since a year. Surprised me tat those Albanians were willing to work this, lets see how long they can withstand the pressure ;)
      I write on a wordpress blog myself a a guest author, it''s not a problem once you have an invite.

  2. That's a shame, I could have helped you on G+ - this works rather well within the network, while commenting on wordpress is such a bore... you can have people from facebook, though I guess.

  3. Dear Cheradenine,

    You are not the only one who has problems with the recent ‘Freedom of Speech’. The right for free speech is gradually losing it’s meaning. It becomes nearly as restricted as the “Freedom of Speech” in the good old day’s of the German Democratic Republic and other countries behind the Iron Curtain.

    I had a nice video channel named RONI STOKER that uploaded videos of German and Dutch news items with translated subtitles. No fake news, but material that had come directly from national- and regional public channels.
    The last video that led YouTube to the decision of kicking me out (in an elegant way) was a video from 2014 that shows an 18 y.o. ISIS follower that stood in the center of The Hague and recruited youths to fight for ISIS in Syria.
    At the other hand YouTube allows videos of ISIS and Al Qaida to be uploaded freely; enclosing copies of DABIQ ; ISIS PR magazine. All the video’s of top terrorist Al Awalaki and his followers are still on YouTube. It does not matter that his videos had led the Fort Hood shooter, the psychiatrist, Nidal Malik Hassan, to kill 12 GI’s who had just arrived from Iraq and injure 30.

    This kind of double standards must alarm us as free people in our sovereign free country. The Frankfurter Schüle and the Kalergi-plan are waiting for us on the corner.

    1. I enjoyed your videos. There is a new site called Bitchute that is supposedly like a kind of no-censorship YouTube. Try that. Also Gab are talking about starting a free speech video service.

    2. Also PowerDirector 14 is available quite cheaply just now on HumbleBundle. I remember discussing it with you before.


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