Monday, 7 August 2017

Here, in Naples, we have five armed Italian soldiers. After complaints of invader violence, especially around train stations, they are patrolling as part of "Operation Secure Streets". As they are trying to arrest an invader for something or other, a mob of other invaders gathers around them. Under pressure, they let the first invader go. If armed soldiers can't deal with invader violence, how can ordinary people be expected to?


  1. I can't see if they are actually armed and, if so, they have probably been issued with orders not to use armed force. Also, the soldiers dispersed which weakens their strategic position. We are coming to the point when the citizenry will have to arm themselves, establish vigilante militia to protect their own peoples, lives and property because those in power do not intend to do anything to stop the Moslem invaders. Why should they? Merkel brought them in specifically to destabilise the native population and cowe it into submission (Islam means 'submission'). All it takes is one group of Caucasian Christian Europeans resisting and soundly defeating these rapists, murderers and thieves, and it will be a powder keg which will set off a Europe-wide response. That is why the tyrants in power realise. It will need to happen before the eu gets its 'European Army' up and fully running (despite outward appearances, it is more likely such an army will be formed primarily of Moslems who will have no hesitation in killing native peoples.

    1. A newspaper account of the incident I read said they were armed.

  2. Where is this in Naples exactly?
    We are there at the moment.

  3. Close to the central train station.