Friday, 11 August 2017

Culturally-sensitive toilets were a mandatory part of the building specifications for a new civic centre in Cologne.
"Toilets like these correspond to what is typical in Islamic countries," says Konrad Müller, a member of the civic centre's governing board. 
"And we want to give people from these countries the feeling that they are at home here." 
This also includes the option of doing without toilet paper - in Islamic countries, after doing their major business, people clean themselves with water, the governing board knows. 
"So a water tube should be installed or a water container at least provided," according to Müller. 
It is also clear that these toilets must be built in a North-South direction, not an East-West direction. "One does not shit in the direction of Mecca," explains Konrad Müller somewhat rudely.


  1. So, the same lot who bleat on about 'saving the environment' are quite happy to see more water wasted so these third world scum can clean their bottoms in their 'prescribed' way.

  2. How stupid is that?

  3. Same story in Oldham in 2006:

    ‘Eco-friendly homes specially designed for the local Asian community have been unveiled in Greater Manchester. The 18 state-of-the-art houses in Selwyn Close, Oldham, have wind turbines and solar panels on the roof. The homes have up to seven bedrooms, some have bathrooms that face away from Mecca and the kitchens also comply with halal cuisine. They were designed in consultation with the local community in Coppice, which is 60% Asian.’—BBC

  4. What's the difference between squatting and shitting in a hole in the bush and shitting in a hole in the floor? Just like animals. If every there was a symbol that "integration" or "assimilation" of these savages is totally impossible, this is it.