Sunday, 25 June 2017

The resignation of the president of ANPI Florence has come after a year of controversy and incomprehension. Not of the values of the Resistance or his internal diatribes but his relationship with Islam. Ubaldo Nannucci, former prosecutor of the Republic in Florence, has left his office due to a different vision of the Muslim religion which he has publiced defined as incompatible with the principles of liberty and democracy."

..."How many massacres will occur," he recently wrote on Facebook, "because the West does not recognise that Islamic ideology is incompatible with civil rights and the rights of the individual, guaranteed by our constitution?"

Last year, again on Facebook, the former Florentine prosecutor criticised the West "which refuses to see that Islamic doctrine is incompatible with the principles of freedom and equality among men." And again he reproached those who make a distinction between radical and moderate Islam. "It's a dodge," he wrote, "to avoid admitting that they don't have the courage to demand from those who follow this doctrine a clear and formal condemnation of violence and discrimination which subjugates the enjoyment of civil rights which we rightly grant to all foreigners."

"To appease them we give them mosques in which women are not allowed and where we don't know what they are teaching. And our attitude of fear that makes us accommodating at the level of principle, and afraid to demand clarity from those who say they are faithful to this religion; in whose name they commit massacres of "infidels", horrendous violence against non-Muslim women, and torture of those who do not know the Koran. Have you seen Muslims marching against these massacres?"


ANPI is an organisation that represents veterans of the anti-fascist resistance movement in Italy. Here are questions Nannucci won't want to think about. If Mussolini was still in power, would Italy have a Muslim problem? Would it have an African problem?

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  1. The answer to your rhetorical questions is, of course, NO, which is also why the jewish "Left" will never cease equating criticism or rejection of Islam with a 'phobia' or a 'hatred' (from the Judaic Halakah, law, "evil speech" which must not be spoken, hear or even thought about, EVEN IF IT IS TRUE, because to do so might damage/offend/weaken 'the community' ---jews, actually, but applied as a tactic of deceit to 'society' in general, but only Western Christian societies). The jews use their derived ideology, islam, as a battering ram and its adherents, moslems, as the shock troops to frighten and enslave the Western peoples. "Hate what is Evil, Cleave to what is Good" should be the response and backed up with actions to repel this evil and restore what is good of our own lands and peoples.

    It might also help if when commenting elsewhere, more people responded to the tiresome false use of 'fascist/fascism' used by other commenters to describe moslems and those who criticise islm, by responding that people should be made more aware of the appalling massacres in their millions by Communists and that these communists were overwhelmingly (85% leadership and 67% enforcers,NKVD) Jewish. It would open up a Pandora's Box and enlighten people in a way nothing else can, except for exposing Jewish ideology as in the Talmud.

    1. Fascism is demonstrably left wing because it's totalitarianism.

      The rise of National Socialists was instigated directly by Jewish revolutionary Communism

    2. 'left' and 'right' are distinctions which are only used as shorthand; the facts are more complex; fascism tended to allow for a degree of private ownership coupled with central government whereas in communism, everything came under State (Soviet) control. The reason 'fascist' or 'fascism' is used so much in media (which never uses [communist or communism) is because Communism is a Jewish ideology from creation to application and involved many millions more slaughtered than was ever attributable (even in the most distorted jewish presentation) by fascists or 'nazis' (the jewish pejorative term for National Socialists, perhaps to distinguish them from all those international communist ashkenazis). In the age of the internet, and thanks to a lapse on the part of the counterjewhad site, someone placed a link to the KGB's own files released in the 1990s listing the ethnic affiliations of the leadership and murder squads/later, department of the NKVD: 85% of Soviet leadership was jewish and 67% of the Checka/NKVD were jewish. At least 35 million Russians, mainly Christians (it being the largest Christian populated country in Europe then as now). As for the Wikipedia link, W is owned by jews, as is Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook, all major US networks, almost all Hollywood studios, majority of print and publishing media in at least the US, UK, Germany, France and Sweden (later is owned by one jewish family, Bonnier, over 86% ownership). Anyone can contribute to Wikipedia and 'historical' pages are the most in need of qualified 'certification.' Certainly, the jews backed both sides in the lead up to the First and Second World Wars. One of David Irvings research finds proved that the two largest German banks which gave loans to the German National Socialist Workers Party were jewish, but this is standard operating procedure for jews to ensure that, however an effort or conflict turns out, they will be the winners.