Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Times of Israel has an interview with Mark Hetfield of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS). He complains that Trump has stemmed the flow of refugees.
“The problem we have now is [American Jewish volunteers] want to do much more in terms of servicing refugees, welcoming refugees than we can give them, because the refugees are simply not arriving in the numbers they should be,” Hetfield said last week. 
According to a May 25 Pew Research Center analysis of US State Department data, “The number of refugees entering the United States each month has declined sharply so far in fiscal 2017, falling from 9,945 in October 2016 to 3,316 in April 2017.” All but four states reported declines in monthly arrivals, according to the report. “In April, however, the number of arriving refugees rose to 3,316, compared with 2,070 in March,” it stated. 
“It’s really important that American Jews have our back because our biggest partner is the United States government, and that’s going to be changing over time to our biggest partner being the American Jewish community.”
These unhappy Hebrews joined the legal action to try and thwart Trump's travel ban. The argument they used to justify their involvement was very interesting: they admitted that they opposed the ban because it would cause them to lose money!
The group’s anti-Trump activity has had the most impact in court. HIAS is one of nine plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit against Trump’s second travel ban, which the Supreme Court is set to rule on this month. The suit claims the focus on Muslim countries violates the Constitution’s prohibition on preferring one religion over another, and asks for an injunction against the ban because it would cause HIAS to lose revenue and possibly cut staff. (To move forward with the lawsuits, plaintiffs have to prove harm, or “standing.”)


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