Thursday, 29 June 2017

Here are some extracts from Joris Luyendijk's article ("Brexodus has begun. We EU nationals know staying on is too big a gamble") in the Guardian. I seem to recall someone saying previously that Joris Luyendijk was Jewish, but I'm not absolutely sure. The Brexodus wordplay does, of course, evoke Jewish history, or rather mythology since there is no evidence their fabled Exodus ever took place.

In any case he's clearly a rootless cosmopolitan in the classic Jewish vein, someone with no enduring commitment to the country he lives in, no emotional attachment to its people, even a brooding suspicion and hint of hostility towards them.
EU nationals in the UK have first-hand experience of the British government and state. We have seen that this country is not even able to run its trains properly or sort out fire safety. We understand that our rights in Theresa May’s offer could be revoked post-Brexit at any time, and we have seen the pressure that the xenophobic and hysterically Europhobe tabloid press can bring to bear on politicians (“traitors”) and judges (“enemies of the people”). 
Highly educated EU nationals know that they have highly sought-after skills – many of us are not in British jobs taken by Europeans but in European jobs done in Britain. Why not take that job with us back to the EU? And why risk investing in a country that could turn on you at any moment?

Here is the comment I posed on the Guardian site.
Good riddance. We want a people who are absolutely, unshakeably committed to the long-term well-being of this nation, not those who regard it as a mere residence of convenience, like some hotel whose decor or T&Cs they happen to like. It is precisely your rootless cosmopolitan vision that the British people rejected in their referendum vote.
This was promptly deleted "because it didn't abide by our community standards".


  1. Great Britain is the fifth largest economy in the world. It will manage without such people and their views. If he thinks life back in the EU Gulag will be any pleasanter for such people as himself, he is in for a rude shock; from the comments I have read (and that includes ones eventually censored by newspaper online sites or other online sites) people all over the Continent (let's revert to that term BTW and throw "EU down the rabbit hole of lost memories) are fed to the teeth with invading scum and their crimes and attitudes as well as recognising that politicians et al (especially, the latter) are traitors. The Continent will not be a pleasure jaunt for that cosmopolitan traveller.

  2. Spoken like a true "international" jew.