Sunday, 7 May 2017

The same presentation that I discussed yesterday (link) proposes that the French government collect statistics about the ethnic and religious make-up of its population. Currently, this is prohibited in France, where all "citoyens" are presumed to be equal. No doubt this is, in part, an ethnic power-play. Armed with their statistics, Muslims will be able to say, "Look, we're XX per cent of the population, we should get more cash!". The PowerPoint puts it more formally:
To improve knowledge of the sociology of religious practices in order to better respond to their needs
The second justification for the plan cited, however, is very interesting.

To deconstruct the myths of the "Great Replacement" 
Coined by the French writer Renaud Camus (a reputable novelist whose publishing contract was cancelled due to his politically incorrect views), this phrase "Grand Replacement" [Great Replacement] has come to have the same totemic significance in continental Europe that "White Genocide" does in English-language discourse. It refers to the replacement of the indigenous peoples of Europe by non-Europeans; or, to put it another way, the phenomenon of ethnic Europeans being turned into ethnic minorities. This phrase has almost entered the mainstream in France, although I have seen it used by Alt-Right patriot movements in German and Italian too, so it has spread more broadly. Generation Identity makes frequent use of it, for example.

But here we have a clear indication the left-wing intelligentsia concerned about the spread of this meme and the patriotic resistance it inspires. The irony is that they plan to counter it by collecting and publishing accurate demographic statistics. Of course, if we are right - and we are - the statistics will not counter the "Great Replacement" concept at all; they will confirm it. So bring on the statistics, lefties. That might be one good thing to emerge from this, if Macron wins.

As Charles Martel probably said, on the eve of battle: "First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they generate statistics to try and thwart you. Then you win."

More generally, this presentation focuses on the idea of nationalising Islam in France. It argues that the French government should grant certain privileges and public recognition to Islam and establish formal structures for its expression, so it can thereby acquire some control over it and prevent it going in wayward directions. This is the basic approach adopted in much of the Middle East, where governments control or monitor the training of imams, and sometimes write their sermons for them, and so on. As I put it before, it proposes soft public islamisation as the remedy for hard private islamisation.

NOTE: The post I made yesterday about this presentation went viral. I saw it referenced on many other sites. In some of the comments on these sites, people were still retardedly claiming it was a fake, even though I specified where exactly the email in question could be found.

For the sake of these doubters, here are direct links to the specific files referenced. One is an email. The other is the Powerpoint presentation within the email. No doubt some will now claim that I faked the entire Powerpoint presentation and email.

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