Tuesday, 30 May 2017

"In the Fade" is a film about terrorist attacks and the grief they inspire. There must be Muslims in it, then, right? Well, yes. But only as victims. You see the terrorists here are "neo-Nazis". And not just neo-Nazis. German neo-Nazis. The real thing.

The main character is played by blonde, blue-eyed Diane Kruger. She married a brown-skinned Turkish drug dealer and produced a miscegenated son with him. But both husband and son tragically died in the terrorist attack committed by the aforementioned evil neo-Nazis. At the trial, the Nazis' lawyer somehow creates reasonable doubt and the Nazis get off. So Kruger sets about exacting revenge personally. That's it.

The plotline, then, is your basic revenge story wrapped in political correctness. The film was directed by a Turk with a bit of paper that says he is a German, Fatih Akin. "Fatih", incidentally, means "Conqueror" in Turkish. But in the simplistic worldview of this brownskin, there's nothing wrong with trying to conquer another people's land. It's those who try and resist the conquest who are the wrong-doers.

Even the lefty Guardian's critic agreed that the film was woeful and Kruger's performance nothing special. But at Cannes you get extra points for being politically on message so Kruger walked away with a "Best Actress" prize.

With a major jihad attack occurring every few weeks in Europe now, this kind of propaganda is not just amusing but disgraceful.


  1. This sounds just as bad as a review of the Alien: Covenant movie I read recently. I didn't see it. Apparently the murderous, maniacal android David character played by Michael Fassbender, is now blonde-haired and making lots of so-called nazi suggestions in his actions and dialogue, and even plays Wagner on the piano in a couple scenes! The Jews are really trying WAY too hard. It's so over-the-top anymore.

    WHY do Whites continue to support Hollywood in any form? One of the most important, immediate and simplest things we can do right now to have the biggest impact on the political and financial powers working against us is to CANCEL our cable TV, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon movie subscriptions NOW and STOP seeing movies in the theater. If even just the race conscious Whites could do this (and why should it be difficult for us?), hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars would evaporate from the coffers of the Jews and Browns who work relentlessly for our destruction through many methods including films like this. Let's not forget the 3-4 yearly White guilt films about slavery and the "holocaust". DUMP HOLLYWOOD NOW.

    I haven't seen a film in the theater for almost five years and have lived without TV since 2003. It's easy to do when there is so much available on the internet. Just don't give Hollywood your money to fund your own destruction anymore.