Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Jewish Defence League member, Gregory Chelli, terrorised "anti-semites" and their families, critics of Israel and even journalists who wrote unflattering things about him. One of his specialties was contacting the elderly parents of his targets and telling them their children were dead. Another was making fake confessions of crimes that would bring legions of police descending on his target's home. One victim of his harassment died. Israel refuses to extradite him to France. Jew have made a celebratory documentary about him.
He was born and raised in a comfortable middle-class Parisian suburb. His mother worked in retail and his father was in advertising. Both now live in Israel, not far from him. He says his family never identified much with religion and that none of them, including him, ever felt any special Zionist inclinations. He also says that he never suffered any anti-Semitic harassment, though his younger brother did. Nonetheless, sometime in his early twenties, about a decade ago, Chelli became active in the Jewish Defense League. At the time, the views of people like Alain Soral (a journalist and writer who became a far-right ideologue spouting anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist comments), Kémi Séba (founder of the French movement dedicated to defending the black race and known for virulently anti-Semitic rhetoric) and Thomas Werlet (a neo-Nazi-aligned politician), among others, were gaining an increasingly warm welcome in France. 
Above all, there was the surging popularity of French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, inventor of the quenelle – the inverted Nazi salute. “It used to be, years ago, that anti-Semitism was confined to the old-style extreme-rightists whom no one thought of as a sane group. But for some years now, anti-Semitism has become fashionable, with different, newer explanations given for it,” Chelli explains. “In 2008, I saw Dieudonne and the change in him. He was very sophisticated. Everyone whose ideology included a Jew-hating side identified with Dieudonne and expressed support, even if they came from opposite sides of the barricade. He brought together leftist Kémi Séba and neo-Nazis Alain Soral and Thomas Werlet. During that period a coalition of shady characters began to gather around Dieudonne, who were linked only by Jew hatred.” 
Chelli’s interest in computers and programming began when he was 7 years old, and by the time he was an adolescent, he was trying to learn how to hack into websites. At the same time he began to draw up a list of anti-Semitic activists and became a registered member of the Jewish Defense League, but it took him a few more years to put the first at the service of the second. Meanwhile, he says, he committed more traditional criminal offenses. He received an 18-month suspended sentence, for example, after setting Werlet’s motorcycle on fire, and he serenely describes acts of vandalism against the pro-Palestinian Jewish organization Europalestine. (“They’re crazy. They call IDF soldiers SS.”) 
“Jews who pressure a supermarket chain to remove Israeli merchandise from the shelves, that’s crazy. I felt that I had to do something, and I did a lot together with the Jewish Defense League. Werlet is a terrible person with horrible opinions, a neo-Nazi whose statements filtered down and caused other people to identify. That’s dangerous. Dieudonne and Alain, on their own, brought about a change in public opinion in France, they separated ‘Zionist’ from ‘Jewish.’ They claim that they have no problem with Jews, but that Zionism is a disease. Slowly but surely the boundaries between this distinction began to erode.” 
One morning, seething with fury, he entered Dieudonne’s official website and, in a “very simple” operation, revealed the names of the anti-Semitic comedian’s supporters. All those who made donations to him, those who were photographed performing the quenelle – amounting to some 10,000 names, which he then sent to France’s principal media outlets, which published his list. “It was more elegant and more effective, and I realized that it was a far better method of operation and that I should concentrate my efforts in that direction,” he says. 
And the film, at least at the beginning, entertains viewers with the hacker’s sweet revenge. For example, he calls the police and confesses to terrible crimes supposedly committed by the same anti-Semite, while summoning large numbers of policemen to his home, over and over. He brings down websites, exposes criminal or unacceptable behavior (he caught Soral sending nude pictures of himself to a “17-year-old fan”) and posts them publicly. Even those photographed performing the quenelle are not exempt. Their relatives receive phone calls, ostensibly from the police or the emergency services, who inform them of the death of their loved ones from consumption of rotten pineapple. 
That last stunt marks the the point where Jewish pride encounters a sense of unease for the first time. It turns into real disgust when Chelli’s practical jokes turn into abuse. How is an anti-Semite’s elderly, blind mother-in-law to blame for her son-in-law’s behavior, for example? And why does Chelli laugh with such sadistic pleasure? He threatens the leader of a BDS-supporting Jewish leftist movement, and at the height of the film he also threatens journalist Benoit Le Corre, who had published an unflattering article about him. 
After contacting Le Corre’s parents and informing them that their son had died in an accident, he summons the police to their home in the Paris suburbs in the middle of the night. Five days later, Le Corre’s father suffers a heart attack. He dies a short time later. Thierry Le Corre's death in 2014 led to a sharp change in the attitude of the authorities toward Chelli’s activities. After years of turning a blind eye, they began to investigate him. He was accused of deliberate violence that caused death, and an international warrant was issued for his arrest.
The Jew's rule in the State now appears secured to such an extent that he may not only again call himself Jew, but ruthlessly admits his final thoughts as regards nationality and politics. 
A part of his race even admits quite openly that it is a foreign people, however, not without again lying in this respect. For while Zionism tries to make the other part of the world believe that the national self- consciousness of the Jew finds satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian State, the Jews again most slyly dupe the stupid goyim. They have no thought of building up a Jewish State in Palestine, so that they might perhaps inhabit it, but they only want a central organization of their international world cheating, endowed with prerogatives, withdrawn from the seizure of others: a refuge for convicted rascals and a high school for future rogues
But it is the sign, not only of their rising confidence, but also their feeling of safety, that now, at a time when one part of them still mendaciously plays the German, the Frenchman, or the Englishman, the other part impudently and openly documents itself as the Jewish race.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf


  1. Jewish Defence League: I recall such an org appearing regularly, as videos all in Hebrew or Yiddish, on one of those 'counterjihad'sites (1389 blogspot) whose owners included jews. I found it peculiar that those videos were not translated into English...Then I found out details of one of its former leaders who had been convicted in the US of extortion, bombings (against Russian cultural events or places in US) along with other members. I think also P Geller and R Spencer were banned from entering Britain around that time. It seems Geller wanted the English Defence League to employ someone who had been associated with this former, convicted JDL leader; probably this was a determining reason why British authorities didn't want those two in Britain. Of course, the EDL does have a 'jewish wing' which rather makes a mockery of the idea it is an 'english' organisation. (BTW, did you note, CZ, the tweet from "Tommy Robinson" (one of Stephen Yaxley's aliases), former head of EDL, that "I'm Jewish, mate"?)

    1. The phrase "Defence League" is generally a strong marker for Jewish influence. You find indications of it in many times, places and languages.

      I didn't see Robinson's tweet. When was this? When he was convicted of mortgage fraud, one of his co-defendants was called Rothschild.

  2. CZ: https://twitter.com/TRobinsonNewEra/status/841494265356263424

    It was in a comment at The Occidental Observer. Also, i've noticed that TR's fans are posting comments on british newspapers praising him and touting his book; no mention of his partners in crime or that edl is a jewish front.