Sunday, 28 May 2017

Alain Jakubowicz, notorious Jew
On Wednesday LICRA demanded that, within the framework of his draft law for the moralisation of public life, Home Secretary François Bayrou render ineligible [for political office] persons convicted of racism, antisemitism, holocaust denial or discrimination.

This relates to Macron's campaign promise to clean up politics by requiring that anyone standing for political office have a criminal record free of convictions for misappropriation of public funds, corruption, trading influence, and a list of various other things all related to the abuse of political office. But Alain Jakubowicz, president of the Ligue internationale contre le racisme et l'antisémitisme (Licra) [International League Against Racism and Antisemitism] wants this list to be extended.
Moralisation, a matter of "Republican ethics". But this list includes "a major omission", he emphasises: "the expression of racism, antisemitism and holocaust denial, justification of crimes against humanity or terrorism and, more broadly, practices that lead to discrimination do not appear in the planned text's field of application." "We all know the effects that these crimes produce on our national cohesion and the weakening of our values of liberty, equality and fraternity," and "elected officials have a special responsibility" in this sense, he adds. "The moralisation of political life is not just about probity. It is also a question of republican ethics," concludes the LICRA president.
This would block Marine Le Pen and many other Front National candidates from standing for office since many have convictions for speech "offences". "Hate speech" convictions are very common in France for anyone who speaks critically about immigration, thanks to the breadth of the laws in place. The Jews lobbied for these laws and it is usually Jewish-dominated associations who bring the prosecutions or complaints.



  1. The Jews are getting quite desperate, and ruthless, about the holocaust extortion racket in the age of the internet when so much of its dubiousness is apparent in documentation (or the lack of it!). Since the holocaust concept, that all humanity (or, rather, non-humans known in judaism as goyim) are afflicted with a mental disorder known as anti-semitism, is so absurd, offensive, repellent to common sense and flies in the face of what one learns about the ideology of judaism (and its derivative, Islam), they are determined to get laws passed as quickly as possible to shut down all freedom of speech. This should be the time for all groups, whatever their political views, to stand united against this destruction of freedom and expose the entire sham. At the very least, stop preaching to the converted, get on online sites everywhere (newspapers, blogs etc) and bring it into the open and tie this effort on their part to destroy freedom of speech to the present, existential threat from the deliberately engineered invasion of Europe and other Western nations by the largely Moslems, but also, Christians, fleeing in part from the effects of Israel's Greater Israel Project to extend its boundaries from the Nile to the Euphrates, including parts of Syria. They are already renewing sacrifices near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, approved by the Israeli government and that renewal of the age of sacrifice will include, eventually, humans, especially Christians. Meanwhile, in the West their control of the financial sphere is leading to an eventual chaos from which we may never recover and the media, owned in large percentages by them, is complicit. As for elections, and the disputes over lost or tampered votes as well, it is clear that, whomever we vote for, the enemy wins by backing both sides (both sides being behoven to them or owned by them). The time for moving beyond elections is being forced on us, presumably to produce an explosion from which those in power will benefit from a total annihilation of any rational, patriotic resistance. But, you never know...things may just turn out unexpectedly. Evil does not, in the end, win.

  2. The holocaust is their number one propaganda weapon. Help expose it for the lie that it is -

  3. Here is what sounds like a new attempt to extort more monies out of the Western peoples over the holo claims:

    "Jewish (and non-Jewish?) workers in the field of epigenetics are now advising that "the intergenerational effects of the Holocaust are very pronounced and that the atrocities ALTERED THE DNA OF VICTIMS' DESCENDANTS so that they have different stress hormone profiles to their peers."

    What a brazen con! We know already that 'Holocaust survivor' according to Jews' definition is any Jew anywhere who at some time or another lived in any country which may have had some influence over it by the German National Socialists during their 12 years of administration of Germany including the Second World War. If a Jew left any of those countries and went to live in, say, the US, he or she was STILL a 'Holocaust survivor.' Of course, as that WWII generation dies off, including their offspring, it becomes necessary to keep the cash cow delivering monies from the goyim by pretending that the future generations of Jews will all shows signs 'persecution' (stress hormones!) in order for them to make claims. The laws were drawn up, and passed into law, by Jewish bodies, Jewish Home Secretaries, Jewish judges, politicians enjoying Jewish largesse and power and it is all about deceit, wealth and control. The truth will free people and our civilisation if we expose this.