Friday, 17 March 2017

Hamad and Omar, Iraqis, 24 and 29, appeared under arrest before the correctional tribunal of Liège for a particularly disturbing aggression. 
The incident occurred in the night of 8 to 9 October 2016. The young girl was with her friend in Herstal. A dispute occurred and the young girl left the premises alone. She walked close by before seeing a car in which there were three men. Hamad was the driver, Omar the front passenger and a minor was in the back of the car.  
Omar grabbed the young girl's bag before pushing her into the car. It was the beginning of a long period of anguish. One of the occupants told her they were going to rape her. They also told her that "in their home in Iraq, that didn't happen to women because they wear the hijab!"  
According to the young woman, the incident lasted about an hour. The perpetrators took the motorway and stopped in a car park. They then drove the young girl back close to where they had started. 
...The prosecutor has requested 4 years in prison. The defence has called for probation.



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