Sunday, 26 March 2017

This is like a parody of leftism. Asked on the (((Robert Peston))) show about what changes he would like to see to in the Prevent programme, which is designed to deal with the problem of Muslims wanting to kill the kuffar whose country they are colonising, Corbyn, leader of the British Labour party, declares [starting at 6:37 on the video]:

"Deal with the issue of far-right extremism within our society, deal with the issue of racism within our society, deal with the issues of discrimination within our society, deal with the issue of the perceptions of stop-and-search [negroes being stopped by police] within our society, and, above all, be inclusive of people. What Prevent says is hang on, let's look at only the Muslim community...broaden it into an agenda of inclusion."


  1. L'INFO DE LA NUIT #Ohio Fusillade dans une boite de nuit : au moins 1 ( o 2 ) mort et 13 blessés. Pas de lien avec le terrorisme. (Police)

    INFORMATION of the night # Ohio Shootout at a nightclub: at least 1 (or 2) dead and 13 wounded. Lack of connection with terrorism. (Police).

    INFORMACIÓN DE LA NOCHE # Ohio tiroteo en un club nocturno: al menos 1 ( o 2 ) muerto y 13 heridos. Falta de conexión con el terrorismo. (Policía).

    Informationen der Nacht # Ohio Schießerei in einem Nachtclub: mindestens 1 (oder 2) Tote und 13 verletzte. Mangel an Verbindung mit dem Terrorismus. (Polizei).

    INFORMAÇÕES da noite # Ohio tiroteio numa boate: pelo menos 1 (ou 2) mortos e 13 feridos. Falta de conexão com o terrorismo. (Polícia).

    夜のナイトクラブで # オハイオ戦: 少なくとも 1 (または 2) 死者と負傷者 13。テロとの接続の欠如。(警察)。

  2. 16 hours ago... :

    Islington Un coche pasó en una zona peatonal, hiriendo al menos a cuatro personas cerca # Londres . Grandes recursos desplegados.

    イズリントン。車が通る歩行者エリア # ロンドンの近くの少なくとも 4 人が負傷しました。展開の大規模な資源

    Islington. Ein Auto bestanden in einer Fußgängerzone, mindestens vier Personen in der Nähe von # London zu verletzen. Große Mittel bereitgestellt.

    Islington. Um carro passou numa zona pedonal, ferindo pelo menos quatro pessoas perto de Londres #. Grandes recursos mobilizados.

    Islington. Une voiture passait dans une zone piétonne, blessant au moins quatre personnes près de Londres #. Grands moyens mis en œuvre

    Islington. A car passed in a pedestrian area, injuring at least four people near # London. Large resources deployed.


    18 hours ago...

    UK signalé explosion du # Liverpool City Centre. De nombreux policiers blessés a dit. (BreakingNLive)

    UK reported explosion in the # Liverpool City Centre. Many wounded police said. (BreakingNLive)

    UK relatou a explosão no centro da cidade de Liverpool. Muitos feridos a polícia disse. (BreakingNLive)

    UK berichtet Explosion in # Liverpool City Centre. Viele Verwundete Polizei sagte. (BreakingNLive)

    ユナイテッドの幸いは、# リバプール市内中心部の爆発を報告しました。多くの負傷者警察は言った。(BreakingNLive)

    Reino Unido ( UK ), informó de explosiones en el # centro de Liverpool. Muchos policías, heridos, dijeron. (BreakingNLive)


    A very important news for all those countries that are involved in the security of Nations foreign. Its deployed personnel.

  4. This an bad-good ( info ), Diversity...

  5. Se aumenta el número de víctimas en el club-nocturno, al menos 15 heridos, y 1 asesinado. El club parece que es para una temática pro-gay, aunque algunos diarios de información dicen que el perfil del público habitual ha cambiado, etc.

    Fifteen people were shot inside a Cincinnati nightclub this morning. Only one victim has died so far, but at least one more is said to be in critical condition.

    It took place at the Cameo Nightclub on 4601 Kellogg Avenue at about 2:00 AM. Police there was a large fight and then one or two gunmen began shooting people.

    It was previously known as Club Cameo, and before that Adonis. It is physically located in a predominately white area in the East End district of Cincinnati. The nightclub has historically catered to the “gay African-American community.” However, they seem to have changed their format recently. It is no longer considered a strictly gay club. The club has recently hosted rap concerts and stand-up comedians, including big names such as Kevin Hart and Lil Wayne.

    Posiblmente un atentado terrorista o falsa bandera.

  6. Se confirma, La Masonería domina Roma.