Sunday, 26 March 2017

On average, 20% of young people from the perimeter of the Mediterranean (Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia) want to emigrate, a figure that rises to more than half of those in Tunisia, according to a poll of 10,000 young people published on Thursday in Spain.  
"One young person in five in the five Arab countries analysed wanted to emigrate. This proportion rises to 53% in the case of Tunisia," according to the CIDOB foundation CIDOB (Centre for International Affairs in Barcelona), which arranged the study, in a statement published in Spain. 
..."Contrary to what we might expect, the higher the level of education, the greater the desire to emigrate," the statement says.


  1. 57 Moslem countries they can emigrate to, and supposedly the higher educated ones can therefore benefit their new homelands with their superior intellect. If the scum who are ruining Europe via the EU wanted to step the invasion, a few torpedoes and gunboats would do the job, but they don't and, at some point, some Europeans will have to take their self-defence and their country's defence into their own hands.

    1. because we do not believe in that idea of one muslim country united to death. most of us don't even believe in that religion. despite the fact that you might find names like muhamad and islam etc.. but trust that they hate that name and wish they were never born in islamic families. it's not our fault. many of us are smart and highly educated but we never take credits for what we do. we only be rejected and corned because we come from muslim land. while you find solutions in guns and torpedoes to exterminate immigrants (which is another face of terrorism) why don't you get those uneducated employees out and give us their jobs and see how the country will evolve in a faster schedule and more peaceful way? instead of out-casting us until many of our scientists o for those terrorists groups because no one else is interested to hire them, even if he is not believing in any religion he will fake it because of you blocked his path toward a decent life.