Thursday, 9 February 2017

Here neo-con Bill Kristol suggests that the lazy white working class be replaced by immigrants. Despite his fears, it is very unlikely that his remarks will have any significant negative consequences for him. If he had expressed comparable contempt for Jews, however, his career would have ended instantaneously.

Kristol was one of the most hardcore never-Trumpers, constantly predicting that "Peak Trump" had been reached and hatching plots to stop him. 

Bill's father, Irving Kristol, was the founder of neo-conservatism. In a previous article, I pointed out that, as a child, Irving Kristol had been taught by his rabbi to spit whenever he passed a church.


  1. Notice the combination in his childhood experience of his rabbi that the students were taught both to fear and to despise the Christians. It is this unhealthy mixture of paranoia and covert hatred which has been a pattern for centuries with their relationships with all non-jews, not only with Christians (the Romans were well aware of this duality) and it is also a duality which relies upon deceit, in much the same way as Islam with Moslems. I recall when I read of the Vatican's instruction to its own clergy not to preach among the Jews (portrayed as modern 'tolerance' for all religions and, for all I know it may be true with regard to Moslems as well); to leave a people, any people, in the darkness of such ideologies is to deny not only Christ's teaching to go and preach the Gospel to all men everywhere, but even if one has no religious views on the subject, this means that peoples are forever left in this limbo world which is a danger to themselves and a destruction to all others.