Saturday, 7 January 2017

This is actually hilarious. In this Miss Helsinki 2017 competition, there were many stunningly beautiful European woman and one fairly ugly African woman, Sephora Ikalaba. Guess who won?

"People of Africa, please accept this small gesture in atonement for slavery and all the terrible crimes we hideously pale Europeans have committed against you."


UPDATE: The original video showing the winner being declared has now been taken down. I'm guessing the person who posted it removed it after seeing it was being used by "racists". I've put up another video that shows the final contestants and gives you a clearer view of their respective qualities.

UPDATE 2: It seems the mystery is solved. This page shows the judges in the contest (link). Several were brownskins. It looks as if they voted along purely anti-white racial lines.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the British Labour party, was asked about the Miss Helsinki controversy on Sky News*.

Interviewer: Have you heard about the Miss Helsinki issue? Apparently, racists on the internet, the so-called Alt Right, are complaining because a black woman won the contest.

Jeremy Corbyn: I did hear something about that. I saw some of the pictures. Some lovely young women there. Makes me wish I was a younger man, I have to say. And do you know what, Dominic? I know what you want me to say. You want me to condemn the racists. I've spent a large portion of my life condemning racism. I don't need to prove my anti-racist credentials to anyone. But this time, this one time, I'm going to admit: the racists might have something of a point.

Interviewer: What? You're really saying that?

Jeremy Corbyn: I am. I'm sure I'll be denounced by the usual suspects.

Interviewer: I think you will.

Jeremy Corbyn: I don't care. This time the racists are right. There. I said it.

Interviewer: Have you been drinking?

Jeremy Corbyn: I did have a few drinks earlier at a reception I was attending. But my judgement is sound.

*This bit is fake news.


  1. Good lord that's hilarious - she genuinely is ugly regardless of race. Going by the pictures her body isn't even good enough for her to qualify as a Butterface so they've blatantly just gone with racial virtue signalling.

  2. I'm sorry, but more than 95% of girls around are much more pretty than this "Miss"(take)... Sorry again!

  3. Tengo en la mente aquel video del señor Corbyn paseando por la ciudad sin responder a las preguntas de algunos periodistas, excepto ésto : - No comment, no comment...

    Pues, ahora hubiera vendio fenomenal, lástima, porque en la entrevista no hay escapatoria. Tal vez aprovechó el periodista para efectuar otros cuestiones como apunta el artículo. Pero al menos hay que reconocer que ha sido en algunos momentos sincero.

    Con respecto a la mujer modelo o seleccionada, creo que de todas formas hay mujeres más guapas ( o bellas, sexys, etc ) en cualquier ciudad de esa nación que las que se presentan al evento de belleza.

    Como hombre no sólo me fijo en el cuerpo, también en los ojos, la boca, y cuando llego a la nariz.. inmmss..hay algo que no concuerda. Seguramente después de haber conseguido el premio el especialista de la cirujía consiga trabajo ( humor ). Pero, ya entonces, no necesita la mujer más coronas o diademas. ¿ Para qué operarse ?

    Respecto al jurado ( im-popular ), tengo mis reservas. Evidentemente hay una preferencia política, al igual que ocurre en certámenes de música como Eurovisión. Está todo pre-seleccionado.

    Aunque hablando de nariz, en el Jurado ( im-popular ) del enlace, hay también algunas pistas de simpatía recíproca, quizás solidaridad con la candidata. Sí.

    No sabemos Diversity, éstas cosas están reservadas a los expertos de los números y no siempre esos números están relacionados con las tallas y curvas, sino con los índices bursátiles y la política.

    Aunque parezca una palabra africana, por aquí decímos : ¡ Tongo !, que significa un fraude total y descarado, amaño, etc.

    Pero es sólo mi opinión, claro.

    1. Desafortunadamente, la entrevista con Corbyn era solo una broma.

  4. She looks like a junkie. Fucking Finns race traitors. Go fuck ur ape.

  5. political correctness the menace of this world

  6. When I saw the head shots at the bottom I thought that it was an anthropological representation of a Cro Magnon woman................

  7. Disegarding her skin colour, she coul win f*cking best potato face contest.

  8. That is truly an ugly woman. And it's a shame that she was given the crown over the real winner. How unfair.

  9. They "elected" a negroe as Miss Finland already in 1996.

  10. God please forgive all these shit heads who's complaining about your creation. They all think they are fucking good looking! They should feel ashamed about criticizing this woman. They call themselves Christian's!!! Shame on you shit heads!! You are the ugly one!! Inside and out!!!

    1. hope you've never had to kill a cockroach or a mosquito, else hope God forgives you for killing His creation, you dumb cunt.

    2. Christian? Fuck christianity, fuck judaism, fuck islam.

  11. There's a lot of beautiful black women but this one isnt and and I can't even understand how she qualified...