Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Hilde M. (80) was walking slowly through Graffstraße in Leipzig's Neulindenau district. It was Saturday afternoon, on 14 January 2017, 3 pm, when she came across a man: 
"He was standing next to the bins. A Southlander type [tn: "südländisch" is the politically correct euphemism used in Germany to refer to someone with brown skin] wearing a cap. I only looked at him briefly. He didn't say anything = then suddenly, boom, he went at me and punched me in the face!"
As "Bild" reports, the blood-covered old woman dragged herself towards Lütznerstraße. She kept thinking: "Don't collapse now." 
She noticed that the stranger was following her a few metres back. Then a passerby came to the aid of the old woman, and the stranger disappeared.

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  1. Puro culturalismo.

    Efectivamente, La Policía en países -ocupados desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial- como Alemania tienen consignas de los políticos ( como Mamá Merkel ) para denominar a los inmigrantes indocumentados como : ¨ sureños ¨.

  2. She's lucky to have escaped a rape. I wonder how she's been voting these past few decades, and how her offspring (assuming she even has any) have voted.