Sunday, 8 January 2017

This is part of an article published in the Daily Mail by a former minister in David Cameron's government in response to the revelations about Israeli embassy officials plotting to undermine British politicians. The most noteworthy thing about it is that he feels the need to publish it anonymously for fear of Jewish power being marshalled against him. Of course he describes it as "Israeli influence" rather than Jewish influence but he knows the problem goes beyond Israelis as his timid, closing reference to the "UK Jewish community" makes clear.
British foreign policy is in hock to Israeli influence at the heart of our politics, and those in authority have ignored what is going on. 
For years the CFI [Conservative Friends of Israel] and Labour Friends of Israel (LFI), have worked with – even for – the Israeli government and their London embassy to promote Israeli policy and thwart UK Government policy and the actions of Ministers who try to defend Palestinian rights. 
Lots of countries try to force their views on others, but what is scandalous in the UK is that instead of resisting it, successive Governments have submitted to it, taken donors’ money, and allowed Israeli influence-peddling to shape policy and even determine the fate of Ministers. 
Even now, if I were to reveal who I am, I would be subjected to a relentless barrage of abuse and character assassination. 
The CFI is not affiliated to the Conservative Party. It is incorporated in a way that means it is not to transparent about donors. Yet it arranges for the support of MPs and funds regular visits to Israel which distort the truth. Cameron turned a blind eye to Israeli misconduct – if he ever cared about it – because he was persuaded any criticism would reduce Party donations.
It now seems clear people in the Conservative and Labour Parties have been working with the Israeli embassy which has used them to demonise and trash MPs who criticise Israel; an army of Israel’s useful idiots in Parliament. This is politically corrupt, and diplomatically indefensible. 
The conduct of certain MPs needs to be exposed as the poisonous and deceitful infiltration of our politics by the unwitting agents of another country, which acts in defiance of international law, and whose government Kerry called its most extreme ever. 
We need a full inquiry into the Israeli Embassy, the links, access and funding of the CFI and LFI, and an undertaking from all political parties that they welcome the financial and political support of the UK Jewish community, but won’t accept any engagement linked to Israel until it stops building illegally on Palestinian land. 
This opaque funding and underhand conduct is a national disgrace and humiliation and must be stamped out.


  1. infiltration of our politics by the unwitting agents of another country

    To my knowledge, it’s the first time in history that Jews have been described as unwitting. Perhaps he meant to say ‘underhand’.

  2. And, of course, it is not simply the Palestinian issue in which Jews interfere, bribe and seek to determine and direct UK policies (domestic, as in restrictions on freedom of speech and repellent 'hate speech' laws; international, as in dragging Britain and its soldiers into wars mainly in the Middle East, North Africa, but also hoping to ensnare them in Ukraine and against Russia which will create another World War mainly on the European Continent and decimate the Caucasian Christian peoples therein).

    We are on the cusp in so many respects, the tide is turning and this DM article is part of the changing course of history.

  3. Ummm.. sounds like an Islamophile who has no problem with the Islamic invasion of the UK.

    never side with Muslims just because it's opposite to Jews

  4. Muy de acuerdo con el usuario : Johnny Rottenborough.

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