Sunday, 1 January 2017


This looks like an amusing trailer and may be an amusing game. But I feel the need to issue a red flag and warn people against installing it. This game is being distributed via DropBox and must be run as administrator. Why? No explanation. It may be completely legit, and in fact probably is, but it's impossible to be sure. Ask yourself: if you're trying to track down members of the Alt Right, what better way could you find than issuing some simple game that appeals to all their prejudices and, once installed or running, monitors them or "phones home" their IP addresses to whatever organisation created it in the first place? Who could conceive of such a diabolically twisted scheme?


  1. Hi there. Multiple people have put the game through virtual machines and found nothing out of place. The person who posted a picture of outgoing connections was using a Windows 10.

    The Pol thread claiming that this is a trojan did not offer any proof, just screen-shots of peoples command prompts and wild accusations.

    Also: for people wary of the 1gb size, the avi files in the game take up almost half (.4) the file size.

    It's a fun game, I played it and did not find any malware via AV.

  2. If anybody else has tried it also, I would appreciate their opinion about possible viruses and who they think developed it.

  3. Around comment 400 here:
    Is a section of commenting indicating that there may be a clean copy of the game out, and one that has been altered and tainted. If you wanna try this game, be careful!