Saturday, 17 December 2016

Dean Schlüter condemned the occupation as "an unscrupulous misuse of the church building and a sign of deep disrespect." "Nationalism, racism, and antisemitism have no place with us," explained the leading theologian in the parish. The evangelical church in Dortmund will continue its dialogue with other religions and cultures.

Stiller [parish priest], who is also the spokesman for the Dortmund working group against right-wing extremism, said the occupation was a "clear provocation by neo-Nazis. "We stand for peaceful coexistence in in Dortmund“, the parish priest said on Saturday. 
For this reason the Dortmund Special Commissioner for Tolerance and Democracy, Hartmut Anders-Hoepgen, is demanding more federal money for the Neo-Nazi de-radicalisation programme "Comeback". "The money the city gives, 50,000 euros per year, is no longer enough," he said. The project must urgently be developed further, he said, as the far-right scene in Dortmund has recently expanded its activities far beyond the city's borders.

Eight people were arrested. The authorities were so intent on stopping the broadcast of dissident opinions that they broke down and smashed the historic church door to the bell tower.

I'm not sure what group was behind this stunt. It looks like the kind of thing Generation Identity usually get up to, but I didn't see any of their usual symbols. It seems unlikely that actualy Neo-Nazis would place such emphasis on "Islamisation", but then, according to Establishment groupthink, any European who betrays any misgivings about being forcibly turned into an ethnic minority is a Neo-Nazi.


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