Tuesday, 20 December 2016

It was supposed to be a happy celebration for integration workers in the Chancellor's Office: Angela Merkel spoke about diversity of opinion, took selfies with young people. Then the first reports arrived. 
As the first emergency services arrived at the devastated Christmas market, federal chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) was taking part in a celebration for integration workers. The mainly young integration workers cheered the chancellor. 
Merkel chatted about the Gospel music of a Hamburg school choir. She smiled as she stepped in front of the large stairs in the Chancellor's Office to the speaker's podium. Merkel said: "there are always people that need longer to be convinced. There are even people who don't listen at all. Then you just need continue on your own path. That's also part of diversity of opinion." 
Frenetic applause. Then the guests wouldn't stay in their seats any more. Dozens of them rushed down the steps. Each of them wanted to make a selfie with the federal government's integration officer, Aydan Özoguz (SPD), and with the chancellor.

UPDATE: here's some video of it.



  1. Traicists: Traitors to their Race.

  2. Yo creo que a esta mujer ( jefa suprema de las logias feministas, además de sionista ) es que, entre otras cosas, le ocurre igual que con el ¨ cuento de Pinocho ¨ pero ocurre que, en éste caso, no le crece la nariz, sino las arrugas desde la boca hasta el mentón ( por ambos lados ).

    Llegará un momento que será insuficiente su derrota o dimisión, y aparecerá el miedo por se juzgada por crímenes de Lesa Majestad, según numerosos expertos en Justicia ( legalidad vigente ).

    Está muy bien estos artículos, Diversity. Van en mí línea vital.