Monday, 5 December 2016

I saw the author of this report on Sky News this morning. Although her report has obviously brought to light some useful information, she remains part of the system that has brought this catastrophe about. For example, she repeated the standard Establishment trope that the "far right" was as bad as "Islamist" extremism or, to put it another way, defence is the moral equivalent of attack. She also declared "We're a much more diverse country and that's a good thing" without bothering to explain why diversity was inherently better than homogeneity. 

Nor did she raise the obvious question: why, if Muslim immigration is causing all these problems, why are we allowing it to continue? Douglas Murray did, somewhat obliquely, raise this question later.



  1. Democracy means rule of the mob; Britain is a Parliamentary Monarchy, the US and France are Republics. 'democracy' is a phony catch word and minorities will be the first to cavil at the idea because it could lead to the majority saying its rights come first. Tolerance is not a virtue and tolerance of what is innately evil becomes compliance with that evil. Equality is a false doctrine which holds that there are no differences between sexes, races, ideologies and, ultimately, no real moral distinctions. Douglas Murray is no defender of Western European civilisation and his 'life style' is against the foundational moral standards of it. The only reason some groups speak out against Islam, for example (and never against judaism) is because they believe it threatens their sex lives when, in reality, it supports such deviance.