Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A single paragraph in a Politico article, but one that is rich in implication.
Since the November 8 election, Muslims and members of other minority groups at the State Department have held informal meetings to talk about the implications of a Trump administration, multiple sources told POLITICO. Some of the gatherings have brought together Muslims and Jews, the latter of whom are deeply concerned about the anti-Semitism expressed by many Trump supporters. (“Muslims and Jews who disagree on Palestine and Israel are agreeing on this stuff,” a State Department official of Arab descent told POLITICO.)


  1. Once again, it is essential to note, and spread the fact, that 90% of Sharia Law derives from Judaism (Mosaic and Talmudic). The hostility between these two groups is more to do with tribal in-fighting, territorial disputes and jockeying for political power than with ideology which does not really separate them too much, especially when it unites them against what both regard as a 'polytheistic' faith, Christianity.

  2. Trump es más inteligente de lo que yo creía, pero no se si sus técnicas ( que ya Hitler intentó ) darán el resultado esperado.

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