Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A few days ago feminist author Jill Filipovic wrote a piece in the New York Times gloating about Clinton's imminent triumph, while dubbing white men a "threat" and expressing for them a kind of patronising pity tinged with contempt. She also intimated at an alliance between white women and thrusting brown-skinned men against these threatening but feckless and disempowered white men. Her article deserves to go down in history along with Dewey Wins! (link)

Mr. Trump offers dislocated white men convenient scapegoats — Mexicans, Muslims, trade policies, political correctness — and promises to return those men to their rightful place in society. With his string of model or actress wives, his beautiful pageant girls on competitive parade and his vulgar displays of wealth, Mr. Trump embodies a fantasy of masculine power reclaimed. Mrs. Clinton, an unapologetically ambitious woman running to take the place of a trailblazing, successful black man, symbolizes all the ways in which America has moved on — and in her promises to help alienated men catch up is the implicit expectation that they, too, must change. 
It’s tempting to write off people who refuse to evolve, especially if their candidate loses the election. But the ugliness of the Trump campaign is evidence of how white men existing in their own shrinking universe can be a real threat. For women, greater educational achievements, a lifetime in the work force and delayed marriage and childbearing mean our lives are more expansive and outward-looking than ever before. Working-class white men, though, have seen many of their connections to society severed — unions decimated, jobs lost, families split apart or never formed at all — decreasing their social status and leaving them increasingly isolated. That many white men are struggling surely contributes to Mr. Trump’s popularity, but the driving force of this election is not money — the median household income of Trump primary voters was about $72,000 a year, $16,000 more than the national median household income. It’s power, and fury at watching it wane. 
White men have always seen the world differently than women and minorities, but the norms and views of white male America are now being cast as marginal and, sometimes, delusional. This is a stunning shift. The differences in how men and women interpret the same information is evident in responses to Mr. Trump. As of early October, more than half of men believed that Mr. Trump respected women either “some” or “a lot.” That poll was conducted after the Republican nominee was on record calling women pigs and dogs, commenting about his own daughter’s sex appeal, and labeling a former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, “Miss Eating Machine.” At the same time, nearly two-thirds of women said that Mr. Trump didn’t respect them. While more men now agree that Mr. Trump doesn’t respect women after the vulgar “Access Hollywood” tape came to light, more than four in 10 continue to say that Mr. Trump respects us. Which really makes you wonder what these men think respecting women looks like. 
The men feminism left behind pose a threat to the country as a whole. They are armed with their own facts and heaps of resentment, and one electoral loss, even a big one, will not mean widespread defeat. Other Republican candidates are no doubt observing Mr. Trump’s rabid fan base and seeing a winning strategy for smaller races in certain conservative, homogeneous locales.

Fast forward to today.

For women who were prepared for a historic breakthrough – their own version of the explosion of joy at Barack Obama’s 2008 victory rally – the election returns that put Donald Trump on the precipice of victory sunk in slowly, turning joy into numbness, and numbness into anger. 
Many of Hillary Clinton’s women supporters were in tears and streaming out of the Javits Center Tuesday night, expressing shock and horror at Trump’s surprise showing. “I have children with autism. This is devastating to me,” said Linda Quintanilha, a civil rights organizer, who was sitting on the empty floor in front of the podium where she had expected to listen to Clinton deliver a rousing victory speech. “I’m scared of the fight for their dignity. My heart is telling me this is not my America.”

Among women who gathered by the thousands at the Clinton election night headquarters, and many who watched at home, there was an overwhelming sense of fear for the sexism they felt pouring in from the polls. “I can’t believe this is happening,” said Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen, a stalwart Clinton supporter. “People hate women.”   
Many women in the empty Javits Center concluded that the country was sexist and rejected Clinton in a large part because she was a woman — and was now headed backwards when it came to women’s rights. “If Hillary Clinton were a man, tonight would be a much different night,” said Dana Nicolette, who manages a wellness center on Martha’s Vineyard. “Do people not know what autonomy over our own body means? They haven’t read history books? I have no words. I have no idea. I don’t know how as a woman, you could vote for that person who I don’t even want to say their name right now.”


  1. If only this dross really would pack their imaginary suitcases and depart the West altogether but I doubt they will. Hopefully, Trump may just take steps to right the enormous injustice which has been done to the Caucasian Christian people of America who are being bled dry in taxes to support these deadbeats and subjected to vile attacks and discrimination against the only Race which has built Western Civilisation.

  2. I did reject Hillary because she was a woman.

    A woman more like Lady Macbeth than the kind of woman feminism let me evolve into in the 1980s--educated, high IQ, working, but for a Rust Belt family whose men were used up and thrown out by the Globalists.

    By women like Clinton and by men like her pretend "husband."

    When I vote for a woman for President of the United States of America, she's going to have to be more than a lying, scheming power whore who has always mistreated the women nearest to her and tells me to vote for her vulva.

    Later my work helped me find a man worthy of my ancestors. An equal who is also my guide. A man who, we cover each other's backs.

    Is it my imagination, or are those Hillary women all incredibly homely? What are we going to do about that? Short of free plastic surgery for all (which we're offering to trannies--thanks Medicaid!).

    Seriously, there is something to the feminist complaint that the MSM show women unrealistic ideals that they can never live up to. We should not reject that as nonsense. The MSM constantly humiliate white women, constantly try to make them sluts beholden to the MSM.

    If these women grew up seeing cultural presentations of homely run of the mill average women like them, with homely run of the mill average husbands and children, but united in love and home and true community--do you think they'd be so lost and confused as they are today?

    Mrs. X

  3. I forgot to add--on that first clip. I read at iSteve that Andrea Mitchell is Mrs. Alan Greenspan.

    POISONOUS VIPERS leading white women astray. Destroying our lives and families, making us mentally, physically, emotionally diseased sluts and bitter old maids...while brainwashing that they are Giving You Autonomy Over Your Own Body. And that it's white men's fault.

    No, you lying scheming monsters. Nature gives me autonomy. My ancestors gave it to me, and a place to practice it (this republic). YOU mercantilize everything then skim the cream.

    Mrs. X

  4. Glad to report I was blocked by Mizz Filipovic on Twitter for having the audacity to disagree with her. She's a very short fuse apparently!