Saturday, 26 November 2016

Muslim car crash fraud is notorious in Britain (link) where its incidence has caused a massive increase in insurance premiums. Now it has arrived in Austria too.
The word "Autospringer" [car jumper] is being used by police to describe a pedestrian who deliberately fall in front of cars to provoke accidents - it is an attempt to get compensation money, suspect drivers and officials. After seven cases were filed in Klagenfurt in Spring 2016, there are now three incidents in Villach in the files.

These played out in recent days on roads around the asylum seeker accommodation in Villach Langauen. "On the 11th and 15th November, two motorists told of how two men "südländischen Typs" [literally "of the Southlands type"; this is a euphemism typically used in German-language journalism to refer to brown-skinned people] jumped in front of their vehicles. Because they were able to stop in time, nothing happened, the men ran away," reports Villach's city police commander Erich Londer. 
On 16 November there was a similar incident of a more serious character. A Villach inhabitant struck a 31-year-old Algerian. "The woman said in the record that the man suddenly appeared on the road and provoked the crash," said Londer. The Algerian was seriously injured and was taken to Villach hospital. "He will receive accident surgery there," said a hospital spokeswoman. The Villach police is aware of the issue: "It seems that intentional cases of jumping in front of cars have now arrived here," says Londer, who has stepped up patrols around the container village. 
In Klagenfurt at the end of April occurred the last "Almost crash" of this type (five pedestrians and two cyclists are said to have staged an accident.) Only one of the suspects could be apprehended. "The state prosecutor called a halt to the slander proceedings against an Iranian due to lack of proof, said spokeswoman Tina Frimmel-Hesse.


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