Wednesday, 23 November 2016

This Tuesday evening in Vieux-Lyon, three scum made a cowardly attack on a young indigenous French man to steal his mobile phone. Too bad for them: these cowards committed their crime in front of La Traboule, the home of the Lyon Identity movement. 
Alerted by the cries of the young man, the identitarians immediately left the building to come to the aid of their compatriot and managed to immobilise one of his attackers. well guarded, the young North African in tears tried to negotiate his liberation several times, while insisting on his innocence to his mother by telephone. It was easier to be brave when it was three against one. 
He was then handed over to the national police which congratulated the Generation Identity activists for reacting with such commitment, then took the complaint of the young schoolboy who was attacked. Faced with the scum, solidarity between French people!


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