Sunday, 13 November 2016

On Saturday 12 November, the Bataclan management banned two members of the Eagles of Death Metal – the American group that played there on 13 November 2015 when the attack was perpetrated – from entering the concert hall to attend the Sting concert that marked the reopening of the venue. A decision motivated by the controversal statements made by the singer of the Californian group, Jules Frutos, co-director of the Bataclan, said to the Agence France-Presse. "They came, I turned them away, there are things that cannot be forgiven," he said after the concert. 
The singer Jesse Hughes, another member of the group and their manager are in Paris, at the invitation of victim associations, to be present at the commemorations of the attack that resulted in 90 deaths. "[Jesse Hughes] has made incredibly false statements every couple of months. Total insanity, accusing the security of having been complicit with the terrorists… Enough. Zero. Full stop," Mr. Frutos said at the start of the week. He excluded the idea of scheduling the Californian group at the Bataclan, although they had expressed the desire to be the first to play in the concert hall again.


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