Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Associated Press has added "Alt Right" to its stylebook, which shapes much of contemporary journalese. They define the Alt Right as follows:
An offshoot of conservatism mixing racism, white nationalism and populism; a name currently embraced by some white supremacists and white nationalists to refer to themselves and their ideology, which emphasizes preserving and protecting the white race in the United States in addition to, or over, other traditional conservative positions such as limited government, low taxes and strict law-and-order.
Jews aren't happy about this for several reasons. First, it says nothing about Jews or antisemitism. And that narcissistic sense of entitlement that both Jews and Muslims share demands that their victimhood be acknowledged as the greatest victimhood of all!
It is certainly astonishing to see a definition of neo-Nazism that does not include any mention of the Jewish people, a primary target of a massive extermination effort under the Third Reich. As for “alt-right,” the man who claims to have coined the term, Richard Spencer, infamously wondered “whether Jews are even human.” If that’s not anti-Semitism, I don’t know what is.

This claim - that Spencer questioned whether Jews were human - has been circulating throughout the establishment media for the last week or so. If we examine the text of what Spencer said, we see this claim is utterly false.
I don’t think I’m alone in thinking how surreal this all is. Of course, those of us on the Alt Right always took President-elect Donald J. Trump and his chances seriously. Unlike everyone else, we weren’t surprised, or at least not that surprised. We knew he could win. Many of us thought all along he would win. The mainstream media, or perhaps we should refer to them in the original German—Lugenpresse—never did. 
This was the year when random shitlords on Twitter, anonymous podcast hosts, and dissidents working deep within the Beltway Right proved they objectively understood politics better than the “Republican strategists” and “political consultants” snarking at us every night on MSNBC. It’s not just that they are leftists or cucks. It’s not just that many are genuinely stupid. Indeed, one wonders if those people are people at all, or instead soulless Golems, animated by some dark power to repeat whatever talking points John Oliver said the night before.

In questioning whether "those people are people at all", he is clearly (a) being somewhat humorous and (b) referring to journalists in general, not Jews.

The Jews are also concerned that the Alt Right may be too cool.
But beyond the absurd intimation that racism and anti-Semitism are somehow new ideas, it’s also interesting to break down the term “alt-right” and think about the evolution of the word “alternative” and why its usage in this particular context is dangerous. 
In the 90’s, “alternative” meant a form of rock music that was not the classic version; in other words, alternative was a kind of cool. In the aughts, “alternative medicine” meant herbs, massage, oils, and usually, some sort of non-Western pathway to physical and spiritual good health; that “alternative” was a kind of healing. But the musical and healthful connotations of “alternative” have nothing to do with what is going on when a group of white racists raise their arms in Nazi salute as they recite “Hail Trump” in downtown Washington, DC, as The New York Times reported — and quote from Nazi propaganda in the original German. 
Make no mistake: the “alt-right” certainly is an alternative to democracy and the cherished American idea that “all men are created equal.” What is happening is political, but it is also linguistic. As the U.S. Holocaust Museum warned: “The Holocaust did not begin with killing; it began with words.”
Again we see the Jewish obsession with prescribing what the goyim are allowed to say.
One of the first ways to destroy identity is to deny a person his or her given name, as in slavery; we must never forget that the Nazis replaced names with numbers. But we also must remember that the way to build identity is to name — and rename. That is the true danger of letting racists and anti-Semites name themselves, and to let them dictate the headlines. We must take a cue from the God of the Bible, from Sarah and from Jacob, and hold onto our power to name.
The Jewish author has some suggestions for how the Alt Right can be rebranded to make it seem less cool. Unfortunately for her, all of these suggestions are lame and ridiculous.
We need a term for this stuff, and we need it soon: I’m open to suggestions. Some possibilities to consider: “hate plague,” or perhaps “jerkification,” instead of that other subject we used to talk about pre-election in neighborhoods like the Upper West Side or Cambridge, Massachusetts—“gentrification.” My mother sees it more starkly. She says we have a large neighbor we didn’t know we had, called hatred. 
Hatred definitely covers it, but so does racist anti-Semite or racist anti-Semite thug. It might be time for a nice, concise acronym — hopefully something that will become widely used. 
We can make use of the first letters of “racist” “anti-Semite” and “thug,” and play with the order. RAT, for Racist Anti-Semitic Thug, has possibilities, and so does RASH — Racist Anti-Semitic Hater. What’s nice about RAT is that it can also be used for Racist Anti-Gay Thug or Racist Anti-Woman Thug, though RAWT isn’t bad either, since it’s close to rot, said with a heavy accent.
It's too late, dear. The goyim know.


  1. She says something true though: jews are using the power of words in order to further their interests. High Verbal IQ is used for controlling and manipulating others.

    And she is aware of that.
    " We must take a cue from the God of the Bible, from Sarah and from Jacob, and hold onto our power to name."

  2. They still don't get it. Soon they will be running out of our countries back to so called 'Israel', the place they believe is their get out of jail free card only to find that they have rounded themselves up in one place for the first time in some 2000 years so JESUS THE WHITE MAN can execute judgment upon them.

    And for the record, the white man has awakened, may still be groggy, but has awakened and this generation of white kids not only find us the ultimate in cool, but they also don't give a rat's ass what you slander or label them anymore!

  3. To return to the Jewish naming (and 'shaming'?) of Caucasians (and don't forget the Christian label because Christians are the people most despised by Jews) as "RAT", think of the points any sane person can score by pointing out that rat (maus) is exactly the word which supposedly the German National Socialists applied to Jews in some of the propaganda!

    Then there is the hardly minor issue that in the Talmud the non-Jew is not regarded as a fully developed human being, only the Jew is. Now, that is truly insane bigotry (do not use 'racism', it is a word only ever used against Caucasians and Christians) and from that premise of 'non'humanity' of The Other develops an ideology of supremacism, exclusion and hostility.

  4. "The Power to Name": Ye are the Synagogue of Satan, Ye do your father's work and he is of the devil, Hypocrites, Those who call themselves Jews but are not...

    The Lord gave to Adam the responsibility to name all the creatures in the Garden of Eden, according to the Old Testament, and His Son then named the Jews as He truly saw and truly knew them. Remember, Christ is referred to as the Word made flesh. This is one of the reasons for their hatred of Jesus and His followers.