Sunday, 20 November 2016

One of the "traditional antisemitic tropes" is that Jews acts as a deterritorialised nation, a dispersed tribe whose members exhibit only a limited degree of loyalty to the territorialised nations that they live among, always bearing in mind that their presence in these countries is only temporary and contingent. The emergence of something called the Jewish Diplomatic Corps would seem to confirm the accuracy of many of these prejudices.
The Jewish Diplomatic Corps (JDCorps), is a worldwide network of outstanding young Jewish professionals who voluntarily engage in diplomacy and public policy. It now comprises a cadre of some 130 professionals aged 27 to 45, from more than 30 countries. In 2014, the JDCorps was successfully reintegrated into the WJC [World Jewish Congress[ as a flagship WJC program. 
WJC provides this core group an opportunity to engage in diplomatic activities, meetings with government officials and international organizations worldwide as well as participate in WJC events and activities. The JDCorps takes pride in the quality of its carefully recruited members, who are accomplished professionals in their own rights. 
Members, known as Jewish Diplomats (JDs), come from a wide variety of backgrounds and include attorneys, Jewish community lay and professional leaders, venture capitalists, international financial advisers, university professors, social activists, parliamentarians, and entrepreneurs, to name a few.

A diplomatic corps is something employed by a nation to interact with other nations. In forming this entity consisting of citizens of various states, Jews are effectively admitting that they, as a tribe, constitute a separate nation without borders.

This week the Jewish Diplomatic Corps met in Strasbourg where senior officials of the Council of Europe came to make their obeisances to them.
Members of the World Jewish Congress’ Jewish Diplomatic Corps (JDCorps) from 36 countries were in Strasbourg, France as part of the first WJC JDCorps Global Summit. 
The sessions included a panel discussion of five experts on the topic of shaping a democratic society, moderated by JD Corps member Lior Herman, as well as individual addresses by senior Council of Europe officials on the questions of human rights, freedom of speech, and anti-Semitism, inter alia. 
The first speaker on the panel was Phillipe Boillat, director general on Human Rights and Rule of Law, who spoke on the fight against terrorism and said that the Council of Europe was leading the effort on cracking down and criminalizing violent extremism, and eradicating the financing of terrorism. 
He was followed by Thomas Bocek, special representative of the secretary general on Migration and Refugees, who said “our role is to protect human rights, and we must help member states find a practical way to do so,” adding that “in my eyes [these refugees] are no different from Anne Frank.” 
The third speaker on the panel was Christian Ahlund, chair of the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), who discussed recommendations being made to fight anti-Semitism, including criminalizing Holocaust denial and Nazi relations. He also warned about the rising danger of hate speech, particularly on the internet, which he said often precedes attacks against Jewish communities. “Most countries do very little to sanction hate speech,” Ahlund said, which he said is perhaps “the most urgent issue we face today in our fight against anti-Semitism.” 
It's not clear what "Nazi relations" means. Could this be a bad translation of "Nazi comparisons", "Nazi metaphors"? This is something Jews have complained about before. Are they are actually seeking to outlaw the use of Nazi metaphors? And, if so, will people be banned from calling European patriots Nazis or will these legal restrictions apply only to Jews?
The final speaker on the panel was Juris Rudevskli, senior lawyer of the Research Division of the European Court of Human Rights, who also discussed the challenges of differentiating between freedom of speech and incitement to hatred, explaining that European courts’ commitment to democracy helps ensure protection of human rights in this context. He thanked the World Jewish Congress for organizing the session, concluding the panel’s presentation with the message, “Jewishness rhymes with liberty.”
“Jewishness rhymes with liberty”. Except it doesn't. And praising Jews' love of liberty while indulging their demand to criminalize free expression is both ridiculous beyond words.
At the Council of Europe, the JDs heard from speakers including Nils Muizniecks, the CoE commissioner for Human Rights, who discussed the challenges of confronting anti-Semitism, inter alia. “The whole human rights system is based on not wanting to repeat the genocide and conflicts of the World War Two, but that is a fading memory,” Muizniecks said in response to a question on anti-Semitism in the education system. “There have been conflicts since then that are more topical. How we make the horrors of world war two topical to people whose families have no connection to that time, or don’t know any Jewish people, this is a big challenge. And the passage of time will that even harder.”

It is an illustration of the power of the Jews, and the base subservience of our rulers towards them, that what is basically a bunch of self-appointed amateurs can have senior international officials come and give presentations to them. If the Alt Right appointed a "White Diplomatic Corps" I somehow doubt that they would come to pay court.


  1. lashan hora: "evil speech" --- what is now termed, when speaking to non-jews as "hate speech": any speech, EVEN IF IT IS TRUE, must not be spoken or be permitted to be known if, in so doing, this might cause harm to the 'community' (the Jews). This originally began as a way of imposing restraints on their own community and extended as a form of protecting their community from the outside world's realisation of certain aspects of jewish ideology or activities. The stricture, that even a true statement should not be uttered, reveals a skewered moral system since the truth is then only subjective, not objective. Jewish dominance of modern forms of communication (print, social media, films, tv etc) means that this form of inter-tribal restraint has become a major threat to freedoms of speech, assembly and thought. The correct way to deal with this is to expose it to wider public knowledge and to actively contest against it in all supra national entities (Council of Europe, EU, UN, etc).

  2. Anti-semita = sionismo.