Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The foreigner was free to go, the Italian was fined without too many compliments. An afternoon of high tension that just took place on a line bus stopped at Loano. The inspectors boarded the bus and caught two passengers without tickets. One of them was an immigrant who was let go as soon as the bus stopped at the market square. But the other young man was "punished". 
The other passengers rebelled and demanded explanations. "It should be 'all or none' they said. But it wasn't - explained Mariangela C. , a woman who was present at the scene – the foreign guy could leave without any problems, but the other one, they asked for his documents. It was all really inexplicable and absurd so much so that other passengers complained and in the end the Italian also managed to avoid being booked."


  1. The same happen every day in germany.

    Bus and Train Companys say:It made no sense because they have no papers and/or no money,no home...

    But an old woman about 80(who still worked because she had only a little rent)was pu into jail for using the bus without tickets...

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