Tuesday, 29 November 2016


  1. Wherever the jews are, they invert reality. The natural system of any nation is their enemy, so they turn everything on its head. Every nation has a natural hierarchy. Jews invert that hierarchy.

    So you end with muslims above christians, gays above heteros, non-whites above whites, fat people above slim people, minorities above the majority, etc.

    "One of Assmann’s most interesting concepts is “counter-religion.” He argues that both Akhnaton’s monotheism and the Bible’s emerged as counter-religions to Egyptian polytheism. Indeed, all new religions, or reform movements within religions, define themselves in opposition to what came before them. However, in the case of Jewish monotheism, counter-religion took on the form of what Assmann calls “normative inversion,” meaning that the Jews arrived at their concept of the sacred simply by inverting and profaning what the Egyptians regarded as sacred. For instance, since the Egyptians held the bull and the ram to be sacred animals, Jewish law prescribes that they be sacrificed.

    Although Assmann does not draw this conclusion, his argument supports the idea that the “slave revolt in morals” that Nietzsche saw at the root of Christian morality goes all the way back to the creation of Judaism at Mount Sinai. Judaism, in short, is no more a religion than Anton LaVey’s Satanism is. Both are just counter-religions, i.e., hateful inversions — “Satanic” parodies — of other religions or counter-religions."


  2. What happened to telling migrants how to treat their own wives, daughters, girlfriends? Don't they deserve to be treated with respect? Why assume German women want to break up any relationships migrants already have with their own families & culture? Why not teach migrants they should get an education, job and be prepared for marriage before engaging in this type of behavior? It appears the German government is encouraging premarital sex and promoting it solely with German women.