Friday, 11 November 2016

The figures were supposed to have been published in January. The Interior Minister, Thomas de Maizière, then decided to defer the announcement to September before cancelling the press conference sine die. The nature of the data was such as to revive the controversy that had been roiling in all of Germany for several months. The number of crimes recorded in 2015 by the federal police increased by 31.6% compared to the previous year to reach the rather impressive figure of 436,387. There were more thefts, especially in trains and train stations (+ 11.9% to 57,146 complaints), infringements related to non-compliance with immigration laws literally exploded by... 151.6 % (171 477).


  1. This crimes are only the crime for the BUNDESPOLIZEI!
    The Bundespolizei is not the normal Police!!!They are only at Trainstations,Airports,Border.

    Its like a Borderpolice.So germany had much more crimes!