Monday, 21 November 2016

In French prisons, where tensions are reaching their climax, the law of the strongest prevails and Islamic radicalisation is making progress. 
... The "little whites" have become a minority that sees itself in a conflict relationship with Muslim prisoners, who are the majority. They feel they are subject to reverse racism, filled with a real sense of exile, the certainty of being uprooted in the Ile-de-France [Greater Paris]. Their remarks, collected by the sociologist, testify to this; there is a growing hostility towards Muslims prisoners who affirm their identity and for whom the minority "Gaulois" have little tolerance of the banlieue [suburban ghetto] culture. 
At the heart of "Prisons de France" the cruelly topical question of radicalisation is raised. Muslims form between 40% and 60% of the prison population. 
... This prison racked by an intense ethnicity is becoming a powder keg. Antillan guards despise African blacks, it is blacks and North Africans from the estates against the "indigenous", there is interethnic contempt among guards; only Islam functions, for many, as a solid common point of reference, beyond the religion.


  1. Interesting... Source?

  2. Imagine the incredible prosperity the West would have enjoyed had it never embraced mass migration.