Monday, 5 September 2016

Our thriller writer Ghislain Gilberti, already threatened by Salafists, was attacked yesterday in Belfort. He was walking with his children when he was struck by blows in his back, held on the ground by 4 individuals between 20 and 30 years old, after being called a "sale blanc" [literally "filthy white"; "white bastard" would probably be the equivalent term in English]. His 12-year-old son was also kicked in the head and stomach (while shouting "It's the same price for you" and "we don't forgive, we don't forget" to his 11-year-old daughter who was present during the attack). He quickly lost consciousness and woke up in the emergency ward, registered as "X". He will spend his Sunday in the operating theatre for a displaced fracture of the humerus.  
We wish him a speedy recovery and on Monday will write to the Minister of the Interior to ask that he finally receive full police protection.

Here is an earlier article that explains the origin of these attacks,
"For a month and a half, they have been regularly knocking at my door during the night and I have heard hateful remarks shouted at me." Unfortunately it's not a phrase taken from his latest novel. Ghislain Gilberti, who recently moved to the Glacis district of Belfort, his native city, suddenly finds himself in an anguishing reality, far from the detective novels that he dreams up. "They often ring at my door in the middle of the night," he continues," and I've noticed that they have forced my shutters, which is easy to do because I live on the ground floor." 
The unfortunate incident he experienced on Wednesday/Thursday night has already led him to file a complaint with the Belfort police this morning: "They rang at my door again and made death threats against my children and girlfriend, with a Kalashnikov." Threats taken seriously by the Belfort police, who have alerted the Besançon branch of the judicial police. They are directly targeting "Le festin du serpent" [The festival of the serpent], the first novel in a successful trilogy published by Anne Carrière, in Paris. In it, Ghislain Gilberti tells, in his talented way, the story of a fictional group called "An-Naziate" (literally, "The angels who snatch souls"), pitiless Islamists who finance their actions by means of international drug trafficking. 
This book, published in 2013, has just come out in paperback. Winner of several awards, it is still the number one seller at the FNAC in Belfort. Perhaps it is this prolonged success and the face that it is more accessible that has led to this clearly Islamist threat, denouncing his writings that "insult our cause". Without minimising this attack on his person and family, the Belfort author thinks above all that it reveals a lack of intelligence: "The people responsible for the threat haven't read the book, or have only skimmed it. I don't insult Islam there. On the contrary, I am a defender of the rights of all religions and I fight racist acts within an antifascist movement...I get on very well with my neighbours, several of whom are of foreign origin and of Muslim culture."


  1. This loser forgot that a white can not be bigger anti-fascist than the non-white.

    There is victim hierarchy in the left, and he is quite low on their hierarchy.

  2. Islam forbids the drug trade . they are not Muslims , are common bandits.