Friday, 12 August 2016

The right-wing "Identitarian movement" is now in the cross-hairs of the agents for protection of the constitution. After several federal states had done so, now the Federal Agency for Protection of the Constitution has placed the group under surveillance. "In the 'Identitarian Movement' we indications of efforts that threaten the free, democratic constitutional order," said director of the Agency for Protection of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maaßen. 
In the anti-asylum agitation connected to the refugee crisis, in particular, further radicalisation has been apparent. "Thus extreme defamatory remarks have been made about immigrants of the Islamic faith or from the Middle East. For that reason we will now also monitor the movement." 
... The current immigration is judged by the group to result from a conspiracy between globalised business, politics and the media, the constitutional protection report says. "Its goal, in the opinion of the 'Identitarian Movement' is to replace the European peoples with non-European immigrants and thus destroy their traditional culture. Organisations that are counted as part of the "Identitarian movement' or 'Generation Identity' exist in various European countries."

So they will now be spied on and infiltrated by government agents and informers.


  1. Espiar han estado haciendo en cualquier momento, y cualquier hora. Tenemos el caso de Snowden que lo confirma.

    Pero, ya da igual, porque como se sabe en una situación anómala y anti-democrática que sufren las naciones occidentales ocurrirá igual que ha ocurrido en Ucrania, en el sentido de que los parásitos traidores Y VENDIDOS al Sistema fueron expulsados. Se puede comprobar.

    Yo, particularmente no temo a nada ni a nadie, porque es una cuestión vital y superior, y contra eso no hay nada que lo detenga.

    Todos los movimientos que he podido detectar y ver en Internet no son ni el 10 % del total que hay en todo Occidente, y ya están organizados, en cada ciudad importante de Occidente hay un movimiento patriota identitario.

    La prueba de fuego será en los próximos años, si no cambian los gobiernos occidentales y si no hay respuesta satisfactoria a la ciudadanía occidental, habrá golpes de Estado y en otros lugares la Guerra Civil Total.

    Para eso falta muy poco, porque la Guerra ya es existente, de una manera u otra.

    Esas son mis previsiones, las más previsibles.

    *Nota requerida :
    Espiar es un delito castigado con penas de cárcel, y solo permitido en tiempos de guerra, según diversas normativas occidentales, como la de España.

  2. "Hungarian football club helps to integrate refugees
    As the Rio Olympics unites people from around the world in sport, a football club in Hungary is also doing its bit for integration.

    Inter CDF brings together refugees who have landed in the country – people from Nigeria, Cameron, Iraq, Iran and Libya.

    “In this team, those who joined this team, even those who don’t speak Hungarian, they often learn here because the main language is Hungarian,” said Kissinger Nnuji, an engineer from Nigeria.

    Another player, Antem Sebastien Egbala, from Cameroon, added: “I came to Hungary in 2013. Since then, I’ve been playing with Inter CDF as a defender. I try to do my best.”

    Founded in 2006, Inter CDF was originally set up to help footballers from Africa who struggled to be accepted by clubs.

    A decade on, it is getting everyone together on the pitch – with the goal of helping refugees to feel at home in Hungary."

  3. Booomm... !

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