Sunday, 14 August 2016

This astounding article was published in the French leftist magazine Marianne. It gives a frightening insight into the mentality of our ruling class.
Without having read, nor having the intention to read, the theses of Renaud Camus on "The Great Replacement"*, I would like to address the extreme version of this prophecy, which sees France invaded by populations of foreign culture, and in such numbers that they will one day erase our culture to impose their own. 
One thing is certain: this "invasion" will indeed take place; in 2040, Europe should have 500 million inhabitants, and Africa 2 billion; despite the intra-African migrations already underway, Europe's power of attraction will then be too powerful for it to be able to oppose it effectively. 
From then, I imagine two possible scenarios: Some people see Europe "islamised" (as if all Africans were Muslims), and France fortunate to have at its head a simply "moderate" Muslim (as in the Houellebecq's novel Submission) …which would mean that the values of our civilisation would be too insignificant to be able to exercise an attraction on civilisations that have come from elsewhere and to be able to make them change in our direction; 
For my part, I don't believe in it at all, and I am persuaded that in the long term, and on contact with us, these new arrivals would reinvent the philosophy of the Enlightenment, and would produce their Rabelais, their Montaignes, their Diderots, their Rousseaus, their Voltaires and even their imam-abbé Mesliers (look for this extremely improbable character for his time on Wikipedia). History is rich in examples of conquered peoples having imposed their values and their gods on their conquerors. 
Otherwise, what would it mean? That even before the arrival of these "allogenes", our civilisation would already, today, be dead through its own fault, without any external aggression; this is perhaps the case, but, then, we cannot speak of "Replacement": it would only be a case of leaving an ideological space to abandonment, nature abhorring a vacuum. 
The other scenario is much more improbable and pessimistic: that of a civilisation that has come from elsewhere, that would impose itself on ours, remaining completely hermetically sealed from it. 
And well, even in this case, I am convinced that there would remain a "hard core" of people incapable of melting into this new world, and continuing to live among themselves despite all their political, ideological and religious differences that divide us today, and thus preserving the world that was ours; a bit like some Jews, believers or not, refusing to or incapable of totally assimilating to the countries they live in, only associating with and marrying among their own kind, and having the feeling of preserving something that has disappeared (I don't know what, even if they know); or another more positive and inspiring comparison - there would be, as in Ray Bradbury's Farenheit 451, people who would learn by heart the most striking and then forbidden works of our past civilisation, to prevent it from disappearing. 
Thus, one way or the other, our values will survive all the same; I would prefer that it was according to the first scenario; if it was to be according to the second, I would prefer that it is as late as possible… even if I would like to see Jean-Marie Le Pen or Alain Soral** "enjuivés" [Jewed or Jewified]!

The third scenario, according to which Europeans use lethal force to prevent the invasion of their territory by aliens, as people have done throughout history, seems unthinkable to the author. He casually condemns his descendants to live as terrorised ethnic minorities in their own former homelands and thinks it improper to do otherwise. It is hard to think of a punishment severe enough to acquit this kind of inter-generational treason. *The French novelist Renaud Camus invented the term "Great Replacement" to describe the repopulation of European countries by non-Europeans. It has been taken up by many patriotic youth movements such as Generation Identity. Camus himself was dropped by his published because of his political engagement. **Jean-Marie Le Pen and Alain Soral are both noted French nationalists and "antisemites".


  1. Left French ?

    or..this one :

    International Left.

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  2. Is this correct or is it American hysteria?

    It seems Turkey has effectively decriminalised sex with young people, so instead of the age of consent being 15 it's de facto 12. But I've read both articles and they don't make that much sense.

    1. True. They also summoned the Austrian ambassador to protest against the fact that a news ticker in an Austrian railway station mentioned this story. And the Swedish ambassador too for something similar. See the stories I linked to in the "Blight of Asia" section.

      But I think there are European countries with ages of consent that are lower than this, so I'm not sure it's worth getting excited about as an example of Islamic barbarity.

    2. I'm not aware of any European country with the age of consent formally legalised as below 15 although sexual perverts, especially homosexuals and their 'movements' and most vociferous fanatical supporters are on record as 'extolling' the 'pleasures' of sexual activities with children. Peter Thatchell wrote a letter, decades ago, which was published by the Guardian, to this effect. Obviously, the sexual pervert movement (LGBT) has this as one of its main goals and in this sense, it dovetails perfectly both with Islam's Sharia and Judaism's Talmud (the latter regarding a 'maiden' aged 3 yrs and 1 day old as acceptable for marriage 'by the act of coition' and a boy below the age of 9 yrs old as fit for marriage.Morality is one, you cannot grant 'equality' to immorality and believe a society can survive; such a society becomes prey to forces and ideologies which have entirely different value systems. If Erdogan is supposedly offended over this report, hoist him on his own petard, for it was his stated intention to steer Turkey into an Islamic country in full compliance with Sharia.

    3. When I was in Spain a few years ago, I seem to remember politicians demanding that it be raised to 16 in response to some incident, the details of which I forget.

    4. Yes, most European countries have an age of consent of 14 or 15 (I'm the original Anon).

      For the purposes of highlighting barbarity, the attempt to censor sovereign countries is probably a bigger deal than the putative lowering of the age of consent (and I'm still not convinced that's what's happened here).

  3. So Erdogan responds to this report about 12 yrs as acceptable for sex with children as a result of a court decision in Turkey by stating it is a 'stupid' report. There are at least 12 Hadiths in which Mohamed's 'marriage' to Aisha (when she was 6 yrs old) and its consummation (when she was 9 yrs old and still regarded as below the age of puberty because she was reported as still playing with her dolls and that was only permitted to children, not females who were marriageable age). It should be interesting to see if Erdogan were prepared to denounce the example of "the perfect man" (mohamed) as the Koran describes him:

    "According to Aisha: The Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death)." (Sahih Bukhari 7:62:64 and 7:62:65)

    {She would have had no choice about remaining with him; Mohamed is on record as ordering the deaths of any who defied him)

  4. It's also worth recalling that Daniel Coh{e}n-Bendt of the Green Party is viewable (on youtube) in an interview years ago on German TV relating how thrilling it was to have small children (from a kindergarten he was in charge of) undressing him and fondling his genitals. Those in the EU who support massive islamic "immigration" (and the US, according to Wikileaks' release of thousands of George Soros's emails, is behind the flooding of Europe with these invaders) also have child sex slavery in mind and are hardly likely to be ignorant of Islamic and Judaic teachings permitting child sex abuse.