Saturday, 16 July 2016

It's 8 o'clock on Thursday morning when a young person on a bike shouts on the Promenade des anglais which is sealed off to traffic and still deserted by passers-by: "France for the French, France to the French!" A message stirring up hatred which was shared on the day after the carnage by thousands of users of Twitter, by means of the hashtag "Islam out of Europe". But also by more than a few Nice residents in a region where, at each election, the Front national achieves high scores. 
Gérard, for example, a 67-year-old retired man, is on this same extremist wavelength. He doesn't hide it. He also comes to us spontaneously to "get it off his chest". "Me, I'm a racist till death, I am FN [Front National] and I say it," he says, showing his 2016 membership card with the face of Marine Le Pen. He even announces it in a loud voice in front of inhabitants from diverse backgrounds. "Nice is starting to be hot for the FN and now it's going to get very hot," he predicts. In his district of Carras where he "sees veils everywhere", the sixty-something is ready to go toe to toe "with the Arabs". "These guys," who, "if it continues, will rule over us one day." "Militias, I think, I'll be the first into the street for a punch-up," he warns, "tears of rage" in his eyes. The left pocket of his shorts has a Taser in it, the right one a tear gas canister. He points his finger at the government which "has been weak" before two passers-by, hearing his remarks, agree. 
Marie-Pierre, owner of a bookshop in Vieux-Nice, worries about this liberated, overtly Islamophobic language. "I fear an increase in racism. Recently, I have felt tensions between some of my customers of different origin," she observes. 
René, in his 70s, sees "a failure of integration". "But now, we can't do anything, it's much too late, they are French. The only solution was to send them back home a long time ago," he fulminates.


  1. Normal, ésto es normal en los ciudadanos occidentales y lógico.

    Aunque discrepo con algunas cosas últimas, por ejemplo, con el hecho de no poder expulsar a gente de todas las naciones europeas u occidentales. Pues, igual que hay programas para subvencionar los que llegan, también los puede haber para los que se van de Occidente, y a un costo ( precio ) mucho menor.

    El Racismo en las naciones de Occidente ha sigo causa y objeto de malentendidos por los sucesos de la pluma anti-occidental al finalizar la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Patriotismo es sinónimo de Racismo, sin importar raza, cultura y orígenes ; y eso es un asunto muy poderoso que hace rabiar a La Masonería, porque es utilizar un argumento de defensa legal con la herramienta que padece Occidente por culpa de La Masonería.

    Es cuestión de tiempo que en todas las naciones de Occidente lleguen al poder los partidos patriotas occidentales, exceptuando en naciones como España ( foco de diversos lobys : feministas, LGTB, Comunista, liberal, etc.. ) que se ha adueñado de las escuelas y universidades de todo el país.

    España y otros países tendrán que buscar apoyos en otras naciones de Europa para sobrevivir o habrá un conflicto parecido al 36.

    Naturalmente que Francia para los franceses, que nadie lo dude.