Friday, 22 July 2016

Jihad attacks are coming almost every day now. No matter how intense a person's multicultural brainwashing is, you have to assume that this going to get through to them. The propaganda efforts will continue of course - the buffoon Sam Kylie on Sky News is still trying to push the idea that "it might be right-wingers like Anders Breivik" - but this surely has to have an impact.

Reports of shooting with several dead at a shopping centre, as well as shots at another location in the city centre.

I went to the website of the main Munich newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, to be greeted by this, a perfect encapsulation of modern Germany. On the left we see news of the latest jihad attack, probably perpetrated by asylum seekers; on the right we see almost Soviet-like, government-sponsored multicultural propaganda.

The headline on the left reads: "Police: Acute terror situation in Munich - several deaths, city in state of emergency". The propaganda on the right shows a smiling brownskin and reads: "My German isn't perfect", "But his motivation!" - "Integration, that helps everyone" - "Germany can do it" - "The Federal Government" - "Learn More"

"The attacker was an 18-year-old German of Iranian descent."

So much for the "far-right extremist" theory that the BBC and others have been assiduously putting about.


  1. You should do a /pol/ AMA

    Can another anon second this motion?

  2. There are some reports that he shouted "anti-foreign" obscenties. It is better to wait until everything is confirmed.