Monday, 6 June 2016

Part of Hitler narrative that has established itself in our society is that he intended to exterminate Jews from the start. However, there are many indications to the contrary, including his attempts to encourage them to emigrate. Maybe this explains the irrational intensity with which the Jews attacked Ken Livingstone recently, because he highlighted facts that don't fit the standard narrative.

Recently, Jews have vented their animosity towards Gentiles by accusing them of not being welcoming enough to would-be refugees from Hitler's Germany in the 30s. "They've got blood on their hands" is the argument. But here we have Zionist Jews refusing to accept the poor refugees unless they brought enough capital with them, effectively condemning their own people to death because they couldn't come up with enough cash!


  1. Obviously, those jews wanting to establish what they considered 'their' "homeland" wanted only economically viable and physically healthy, young and self-sufficient jews; a form of eugenics, in fact, since historically settlers, pioneers, newcomers can seldom be artificially determined along economic or age levels except if the receiving 'state' or 'government' institutes legislation along such lines (as did the US Federal Government from the inception of the USA, by restricting immigration to largely Caucasian and healthy peoples from the United Kingdom and Europe, until 1965 when legislation was introduced backed by Jewish Congressmen using Ted Kennedy as the public face of an Immigration Act which set out to racially alter the demographic face of America). Since there was no actual jewish government in place in Palestine, the Transit Agreement was set up. According to the Transit Agreement eventually worked out between the German Govt and the Zionists, German Jews were actually assisting, by transfer of their funds under German bank guarantees, both the German Government and the Zionist regime in Palestine. (One could certainly argue that given the extent of Jewish wealth in the banking sector alone world-wide, there was no real financial hurdle to their having paid for the jewish german population en masse but that would have been too obvious an indication of financial power and would have meant many elderly or less ideal jews forming part of the emigree numbers from Germany.) Livingstone was attacked by largely Jewish owned and run media for simply exposing a fact, hitherto unknown to the majority of Britons (and Western peoples overall) which contradicted the official mantra of a concerted plan of genocide, and that mantra has been used since its inception to lead to the present demographic and civilisational genocide now genuinely taking place throughout the West.