Friday, 17 June 2016

Despite many indications that the perpetrator of this attack had a history of psychological problems, the Left has shown none of the reserve it typically displays towards jihadists. The presumed assassin, Tommy Mair, we are solemnly assured, was motivated by "hate". And leftists are shamefully trying to instrumentalise her death to advance their political agenda of opposing Brexit, de-Europeanising Europe and suppressing the expression of dissenting political views. Here is Polly Toynbee writing in the Guardian.
Democracy is precious and precarious. It relies on a degree of respect for the opinions of others, soliciting support for political ideas without stirring up undue savagery and hatred against opponents. “Elites” are under attack in an anarchic way, when the “elite” justice minister can call on his supporters to ignore all experts. 
Something close to a chilling culture war is breaking out in Britain, a divide deeper than I have ever known, as I listen to the anger aroused by this referendum campaign. The air is corrosive, it has been rendered so. One can register shock at what has happened, but not complete surprise.

A few paragraphs earlier, however, her "respect for the opinions of others" did not extend as far as acknowledging the legitimacy of their expression.
Rude, crude, Nazi-style extremism is mercifully rare. But the leavers have lifted several stones. How recklessly the decades of careful work and anti-racist laws to make those sentiments unacceptable have been overturned. 
This campaign has stirred up anti-migrant sentiment that used to be confined to outbursts from the far fringes of British politics. The justice minister, Michael Gove, and the leader of the house, Chris Grayling – together with former London mayor Boris Johnson – have allied themselves to divisive anti-foreigner sentiment ramped up to a level unprecedented in our lifetime. Ted Heath expelled Enoch Powell from the Tory front ranks for it. Oswald Mosley was ejected from his party for it. Gove and Grayling remain in the cabinet. 
When politicians from a mainstream party use immigration as their main weapon in a hotly fought campaign, they unleash something dark and hateful that in all countries always lurks not far beneath the surface.
"To make those sentiments unacceptable". Think about the sinister implications of that phrase. It is not just the public expression of sentiment she considers unacceptable, but the sentiment itself. It's important to point out that feelings are completely non-volitional. No one chooses to have them. They arise spontaneously in the mind. She is therefore justifying the persecution of people for something that they can't help. This is the argument usually cited in opposition to "racism", defined as active discrimination against people because of their race. They can't choose their race, so it's immoral to make them suffer for it, so it is said. Even leaving aside moral claims that might arise from democracy or ancestral entitlement to a specific piece of land, persecuting people because of non-volitional sentiments is no different from persecuting them because of their race. But this is something Polly Toynbee is quite happy to do, since she conceptualises those who think ethnicity matters as savage and evil and therefore deserving of persecution.

Recently I posted an article (link) showing that 40% of Germans wanted to ban Muslim immigration. I've seen polls showing 25% of the UK population agreed with Trump's proposal to ban Muslims travelling into the country. Yet these very sizeable minorities have 0% representation in the public conversation that is democracy. Not one politician, journalist, academic or NGO will speak for them. And if they tried to speak for themselves, they would face instant career termination and possible prosecution.


  1. Promocionan en TV de toda Europa, negativamente, a la política de Extrema Derecha ( confundiendo el Nacional Socialismo o el Patriotismo Occidental ), con sucesos que nada tienen en común :

    Así, en Televisión Española ( TVE ) se difunde la noticia del suceso cometido por sujetos vinculados a la Extrema Derecha o Grupos Neonazis, igualmente en otras televisiones privadas en España.

    Lo único que quedaría que al igual que en otros tiempos, La Masonería comprase los servicios de ¨ sicarios ¨ y profesionales del crimen para provocar mala prensa a las ideas patriotas o políticas identitarias.

    No hay más, estamos gobernados por gente negligente y masones ( enemigos de Occidente ) y la Prensa está comprada ( o vendida ) a los grupos criminales verdaderos de poder. No esperamos rectificación, porque sería reconocer el daño y eso no vende.

    Mucha información tóxica en la Mass Media.

    Tranquilidad Diversity, es un asunto internacional, quieren desprestigiar a los Movimientos patriotas occidentales, y no saben ya cómo hacerlo, se inventan perfiles inexistentes.

  2. jo cox was an intellectual leftist,she cared more about salving her own conscience than she did about British people. when she worked hard for refugees and economic migrants did she think about the effects on the host population, lack of social housing, not being able to see a GP, not getting your child a school place. MP'S are elected to represent those who vote for them not to save the world....this is why the labour party will not get in power again until they start thinking about the people of this country. although i don't agree with a lot of her politics it is a tragedy for the young woman and her family that she should have met such a brutal end. lets agree to disagree but none of us are monsters.