Saturday, 11 June 2016

Brought To You By NetBet

According to this analysis, Romania is the only country all of whose players were born in the country they represent, whose parents were born in the country they represent and whose ancestors did not migrate to the country they represent, although the exact definition of this last point is unclear.

The logic of this is clear: the faster a people are undergoing genocide, the better they do in the diversity championships. The Diversity Championships are in reality Genocide Championships, awarded to the ruling class that is able to destroy its own people most efficiently.


  1. The funniest thing is that you do not see similar charts for Africa and Asia. No one talks about the need for diversity there, because that will be...racist.

  2. "although the exact definition of this last point is unclear."

    I was surprised by Albania's position, but if you look at the map it's clear that they are ethnic Albanians born outside Albania to Albanian parents, rather like all of the men with English accents who played for the ROI under Jack Charlton.

  3. _Romania team is full of gypsys.
    _Portugal team have only 3 whites. blacks ,Mullatos ,gypsys and mixed race like Cristiano ronaldo ,are majority).
    Italy ,Russia and Uvkaine is full of mongrel also.