Friday, 17 June 2016

One of milestone moments for me in my transition from left to right was the assassination attempt on Labour MP Stephen Timms in May 2010. I suspected at the time that the perpetrator would be a jihadi. But no information about this was provided in the press reports, either in the initial reports or in the days afterwards. It was not until the trial itself, months later, that these suspicions were confirmed. Most news reports ruthlessly excised any information that might even lead the reader to suspect a jihadi motivation. At the time I remember reading as many reports as I could find about the incident. There were only one or two, notably the one in the Daily Mail, that provided any hints of the truth. And these hints came in the form of comments from witnesses saying things like, "She was wearing a veil, like Muslims wear."

I was honestly flabbergasted at the systematic dishonesty displayed. It seemed like the kind of media bias one associated with the old eastern bloc states. Here, for example, are the Guardian articles referencing Stephen Timms in the from 13-31 May 2010. There is the initial report of the attack on May 14, then one other casual, almost humorous mention, a few days later, saying that, if the attack had happened in Africa, the attacker would have been lynched on the spot.

So, even though the attack was perpetrated by a "British" Muslim in response to British foreign policy, this was not a fact considered worthy of inclusion in the democratic deliberations of the British people. How different things are when the perpetrator is of the "far right" persuasion.

Notice the lack of comments on all the articles about Jo Cox - because the comment facility has been turned off.


  1. Also note that most of those Guardian columnists ought to have ((())) around their names.

  2. The Guardian is similar to spaniard Press ¨ El País ¨ and ¨ Público ¨ ( also Sexta TV, Quatro, A-3, Cadena Ser, etc ) fully all of commnunist, partizan people, and masonic ideas pro-PODEMOS politic profile.

    Equal in other, any, West site.


    Salutations Diversity.