Tuesday, 21 June 2016


David Hirsh warns against Brexit in the Times of Israel.
Brexit could collapse the whole European project and it could lead to the rise of the racist and protectionist right across Europe. The walls could come up, people designated as foreigners could more and more be swept back and forth across frontiers and totalitarian movements could rise promising order in the chaos. 
If you want to be naughty, have an affair, start smoking again or buy a Harley. Don’t run with Trump, Brexit or boycotters. It may be Europe’s turn to lead the free world for a time.

George Soros has also joined the chorus of Jewish voices warning British people of the dangers of freedom.

David Cameron told Jews they should vote for Remain so Britain could influence EU decisions to help Israel.
Cameron has insisted Britain can only impact Europe’s approach to Israel by remaining inside the EU as he called on the community to roundly reject the “divisive and intolerant” campaign of Nigel Farage. 
The prime minister used his only address to Anglo-Jewry of the referendum to insist that the country’s influence is “enhanced” rather than diminished by being part of the Union on issues from the economy to climate change to preventing Iran getting the bomb. 
He told Jewish Care’s annual dinner: “When we’re fighting terrorism and Islamist extremism are we better doing that out on our own or fighting together with our European partners. When Europe is discussing its attitude towards Israel do you want Britain – Israel’s greatest friends – in there opposing boycotts or do you want us outside the room, powerless to affect the conversation.”

Cameron also promised that the British taxpayer would continue to fund the Jewish communitarian militia/intelligence agency/communitarian activist organisation.
Reflecting on the rise of anti-Semitism, he said: “I hate that this scourge has returned to this world and specifically to our country. I promise wherever we see antisemitism – from politicians who should know better to abusive graffiti daubed on synagogues and homes – I will do everything I can to drive it out of this country. For as long as I’m prime Minister you’ve got that extra £10m I promised to CST every year for as long as necessary.”


  1. It should be made more widely known that Cameron's Jewish grandfather and great-grandfather used their financial resources, through Singapore banks, to finance Japan in its war against Christian Russia in 1905, thus further destabilising the Tsarist Government which was in the process of some liberalisation which was derailed to devote energies and resources to defend Russian interests against Japan. The Japanese Minister to whom they granted the loans later became Prime Minister of Japan and made the decision, by bombing Peal Harbor, to drag the US into WWII. Quite a return on their investment loan, millions dead, one nation badly weakened and ripe for eventual 'revolution' in 1917 and eventually another nation dragged into global conflict, thus extending that war and its casualties. Cameron, in wanting a war against present-day Russia, is continuing the destruction first begun by his family and doing the bidding of his masters.

    1. Where can I find more information about this?

    2. CZ: I saw this info years ago on the Telegraph (they now do not permit any comments on any subject): a general link is to Wikipedia's page detailing Cameron's family history:
      Also, in the references on that Wiki page is one which links to www.henrymakow.com/david_camerons_roots_in_opium.html
      (the banks in the Far East which Cameron's great-great-grandfather was involved in dealt in opium); the Wiki page lists the Jewish ancestry and, given familial history and dealings with the Rothschild bankers, Cameron's pushing for a war by NATO against present day Russia looks to be another Jewish backed plan to plunder Russian natural resources, prevent various pipe line plans between Russia and Syria, and to bring Russia under full Jewish control yet again.

  2. The 'European Project' to which the Jew Hirsch alludes when stating that Brexit would destroy it, is, of course, the Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi vision of a 'Europe' in which the Caucasian race will disappear or be displaced or subsumed by a new 'race' --- the Eurasian Race of Africans and Asians which will be ruled by the Jews due to the latter's supposed "moral superiority". In other words, the European Project, the European Union, is a racist, genocidist, imperialist ideology. Coudenhove-Kalergi is lauded in the EU as its 'founder' and prizes regularly distributed to the likes of Angela Merkel, for example, for their efforts in helping to realise this genocide and destruction of European Caucasian Christian native peoples and their Civilisation. C-K was founded by Jewish bankers in the US and Europe. This concept of a racist EU is in his first book,Practical Idealism, which is not permitted publication in Germany (perhaps for fear that people would better understand the true nature of the EU Project and because it is the mirror image supposedly of Nazism's view of a 'master race' (a term which C-K uses in his work in regard to the Jews as the fuehrerrasse of the new and presumably 'improved' Eurasian Race.

  3. apology for typo: should read "C-K was funded by Jewish bankers.."

  4. Execrable judea threatens to restrict the money supply, again.