Saturday, 25 June 2016

Brownskins voted overwhelmingly to remain, including 70% of Muslims. This provides additional refutation of the claim made by our rulers that immigration doesn't change anything. In the Scottish referendum, a majority of people born in Scotland voted for independence; it was the votes of (first-generation) immigrants that swayed the result in favour of  maintaining the United Kingdom. Now, in this second referendum, the British people as a whole might well have lost their independence because of the votes of African and Asian colonists who only arrived in their country within the last few decades. In the end, this was narrowly averted. But it shows the extent to which the demographic window is closing on the hopes for European survival.

The female vote appears to have been in balance with the male vote, although young women were notably more pro-Remain than their male counterparts.

Economically, it was obviously a peasant revolt.

There's some more demographic analysis in Rob Ford's article in the Observer today (link), really just confirming the observations made above.


  1. Instead of starting the process to leave, the elites will now use this moment to open the floodgates (again). But this time they will do it Germany style.

    I expect a shooting war (street style) in the UK within the next 5 years should those floodgates be opened.

    1. Looks like I'm right

  2. So where exactly is race explains din this article? What about that graph tells me shitskins and muds voted to stay?

    I see 70+% of 18-24 year olds voted leave. But what tells me they are muds and dunecoons?

  3. Thanks for the info. In comparison, only 43.4 percent of Scottish women supported Scottish independence during their referendum, compared to 53.2 percent of Scottish men.

    It is clear that english females are more independent-minded, compared to scottish females. Congratulations to them. They did the right thing.

    I see lots of young people who voted for remain. I guess that means two things:
    1. Unlike older people, many young people are already non-white.
    2. The education system should better be called an indoctrination system.

  4. Diversity, agárrate que vienen curvas...

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  5. One does have to make a certain allowance for the fact that young people, whatever the facts on the ground are, will tend to vote or align themselves with views which are in opposition to their elders. This is the way of the world and always has been, ever since the place opened for business. So the present youth vote is partly expressed through that natural opposition and also because these young people have not yet experienced the hard reality (from which, admittedly, they are carefully sheltered by the ruling kakistocracy) of have to seek education, work, housing and security side-by-side with peoples, races and ethnicities who are not now, and never will be, on the same wave length in such concrete terms. For many youth, their first such experience will assist in disabusing them of their natural naievete. What must concern us is that, in this world where minorities are deliberately favoured over the (still) majority Western peoples, so many of these youths will eventually side with the minority simply to secure some place, however much lower in the pecking order, of a 'new world order.' That is why presenting the facts about race, ethnicity and genuine history is so important and must be stepped up, through social media, internet and attempts to change the school curricula and books with which young are being indoctrinated against their own peoples. Also, the concept of a university education for all is absurd and, in a changing, soon to be harsher world, a technical education and apprenticeships will again come into their own, and for that, young boys and men must be actively discriminated in favour of because, at present, they are deliberately marginalised as one of the first steps toward their annihilation or enslavement.

  6. ( Is not Mass Media ) UK :

    Brexit no Zion


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