Tuesday, 14 June 2016


  1. He is just a pawn, brainwashed by jews, currently telling him that Islam is a Religion of Peace. Jews are smarter than him, so he just follows their rationalisations. If tomorrow jews decide to attack Islam, he will follow his mental masters and will become an "islamophobe" very fast.


  3. Trump is not a racist, he is not a hate monger. Of all the remaining candidates he is the best qualified to lead this country. Blaming Trump for the tragedy in Orlando shows how much of an idiot that guy really is. It's ABSURD to blame anyone but the actual shooter for this tragedy.


  4. France :

    Spain :


    Pidiendo la pena de muerte para los homosexuales :

  5. A UK group called ‘LGBT+ Against Islamophobia’ put out a statement on its Facebook page on the 13th June: ‘In the aftermath of such horrific and deeply saddening events, we’re all standing together to try and make sense of how we feel, how we respond, and how we stay strong, as individuals, as a campaign and as a community.’

    I emailed a friend: ‘I’m sure they’ll feel a lot better when they’ve done some mental gymnastics and worked out how it’s all the fault of white heterosexual men.’

    It seems like they’re already doing exactly that.

  6. The pervert 'community' does not oppose Islam for several reasons, not least of which is that Islam (and Judaism) both contain in their central texts (Koran, Hadiths for Islam and Talmud for Judaism) approval of, and support for, child sexual abuse (via 'marriages': in Islam, the 'example' of the 'perfect man' {Mohamed} who "wrote the marriage contract with Aisha when she was six years old and consummated it when she was nine years old" {at least 10 Hadiths confirming this}; also in Surah 4 of the Koran, divorce of wives who have not reached puberty is stated, and in the same Surah, "not forbidden to you" {Moslems in general and also Mohamed} are the children of their brothers and "that which your right hands possess". In Judaism, a female child aged three years and one day is 'fit' to be a wife by the act of coition, sex with her is compared to simply a 'poke in the eye' to her from which she will recover but she is expected to fulfill her sexual as well as other duties as a wife; and regarding boys, Judaism considers a boy under the age of nine as not having a real 'connection' {sexual capacity} and also that he cannot ascribe guilt }'throw guilt} onto the adult offender, and that a boy aged nine is 'fit' for marriage, this is regarded as 'halaka' {law} not merely 'cultural habits'; these teachings open the doors wide to sexual abuse of children in both ideologies. The present flood of invaders, largely Moslem, brings with it children who come from a culture and ideology where this abuse is seldom challenged (we have already read of such abuse in these 'refugee camps'). Homosexuality and lesbianism, as well as 'transgender' involves a great deal of contact with children as well as teenagers who are encouraged to have 'safe sex' and 'unrestrained sex' with adults and one another. (The LGBT 'movement' in the US is particularly centred on targeting children from the earliest ages in schools including kindergartens with propaganda and 'special events', handing out lubricants, condoms and info on perverted sexual practices. Drug taking is also highly prevalent and this toxic mix is aimed at children --- when you consider the demographic realities, low national birthrates throughout Western countries, this adulation of perversion is no accident by the powers that be. Infertility, damaged psyches, dangerously ill bodies and people growing up with a twisted, unnatural view of themselves adn the world, all this will produce a tame, ignorant and subservient slave class.

  7. Orlando. USA. El terrorista musulmán es gay, no fue causa de homofobia ( Fail LGTB demos ) :

    Crímenes de LESA MAJESTAD en el año 2016, permitiendo intrusos en Europa - Expertos lo confirman :

    Una aparente y supuesta víctima sexual, ¡ un bebé ! presa de un perfil criminal extranjero no occidental :

    Una violación sexual vale 2 meses de prisión, dicen.. :

    Patriotismo occidental es Racismo insano y fomenta la violencia racial, según Extrema Izquierda :

    Otro ataque contra los occidentales en Texas, Amarillo - Terroristas somalís ( posiblemente musulmanes ) :

  8. That guy should be explained that wether he thinks islam is a religion of peace or not, he will be stoned anyway for being gay. How peaceful is that?

    1. Islam, and Judaism, are both ideologies which extol the masculine above the feminine (unlike Christianity, which accords to each its separate and yet equally laudable qualities); speaking of Islam only now, it is highly homosexualised because it demands separation of the sexes in so many realms of human life and demeans the female. The Hadiths do speak of death for homosexuals but this should probably be seen in terms of its disapproval of public exhibition of homosexual conduct. On a more intimate, familial level, small children (of both sexes, but in this case speaking only of the male) are sexually abused and, given that teenagers and young men have highly restricted access to females outside their immediate family, they are easily led into homosexual activity as a frustration release mechanism. If the Western homosexual 'movement' opts for less public displays, and enjoys access to the increased number of children in the West (from the false 'refugee' invasion), then the homosexuals will reach of modus vivendi with Moslems in the West. Our concern should be for children, Western ones who have already been gang-raped in Britan for example by thousands of Moslems (with a Minister of State admitting this was "only the tip of the iceberg". In Germany, a judge has already observed Sharia law by permitting an underage Moslem 'wife' to stay married to her husband, in violation of basic German law and Western moral standards. Homosexuality, with its secretly welcoming attitude to Islam, helps to pave the way to legalising and making 'morally acceptable' the gross crime and immorality of paedophilia.

    2. It should also be noted that Judaism permits and even regards marriage to a female child aged 3 years and 1 day old or to a male child aged 9 as permissible ('halaka': law); so, by aiding and abetting Islam and Moslems, Jews make paedophilia acceptable in Western societies; they are using Islam, which is more openly violent, to accomplish the recognition of what is actually already permissible in Judaism and has been since Talmudic Judaism (Christ spoke specifically against child abuse).