Friday, 3 June 2016

A few days ago, Nazim (not his real name) was the victim of a violent attack in the playground of his Brussels school. The attack was caused by a simple short phrase: "I don't believe in God." For the child's father, Tahir (not his real name) this is the sign of the lack of tolerance certain religions have towards secular-minded persons. 
It was in a discussion with another child, of Muslim faith, that the small 7-year-old boy, Nazim (not his real name), declared that he didn't believe in God. A statement that wasn't to the liking of his classmate of the same age who then punched and kicked him. "It's a shocking actiong," says Tahir indignantly. "We are secular and we educate our children to form their own ideas about religion." 
...For Tahir, the incident is illustrative of a broader trend. "I note a lack of empathy from some Muslims towards non-Muslims who, less and less, are granted the right to exist," he deplores. "It's not only in Belgium, it's a general worldwide tendency."

This happened at a Catholic school.


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