Sunday, 26 June 2016

Bologna, Italy.
White writing on one of the symbols of Bologna. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, unknown persons sprayed "Allah Akbar", Allah is great, on the base of the statue of San Petronio, the city's guardian saint, beneath the two towers at the heart of the centre.

Montmorillon, France.
The week has also been marked by an incident that has been kept confidential but is weighing upon the teachers: sheets of paper bearing the inscription "Allah" were discovered on Monday in the letter boxes of two schools. The police have been informed: "It's not a threatening message but in the context it is being taken seriously."


  1. Los políticos sionistas quieren hacernos creer que el Islam es algo positivo para Occidente. Siglos de luchas a sangre y fuego costaron durante siglos la Defensa de Europa.

    Quieren convertirnos en animales, pues esas culturas no se integrarán nunca en un mundo civilizado y democrático.

    El resto lo hace Hollywood, y Mamá Merkel.

  2. Jew completely avoids any Jew culpability in changing Sweden into its current Muslim loving form
    Mainstream politicians and media believe and expect that immigrants will reward Swedish generosity by integrating seamlessly into Swedish customs and values. From their point of view, there is no need to discuss or debate whether this theory actually holds in reality, and, if not, to define and implement decisive action to uproot anti-Semitism in Sweden, independent of its source. This erroneous political correctness and acceptance is a plague for Swedish society in general, but, if their vilification continues unchecked, Jews will be its first victim.

    Daniel Radomski is Chairman of the Zionist Federation in Sweden, and a Jewish Diplomat (JD) of the World Jewish Congress.