Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Watching German television reporting on the knife attack near Munich, they're actually pushing the line that this had nothing to do with Islam. They're claiming the perpetrator was "German", without explaining whether he had an immigrant background. He shouted "Allahu Akbar", was heard making political statements and screaming "You unbelievers!" while he was randomly stabbing people. But this was nothing to do with Islam, they say. He was a crazy person, barefoot, had traces of drugs found on him - this is the official line.

UPDATE: They're now saying "No immigrant background".

OK so this story has now been virtually dropped from all the front pages based on the claim that he isn't a Muslim. Investigators have found that he has no links to radical groups, nor have they found evidence that he was watched videos that could radicalise himself. The man himself, though, has told the investigators that he converted to Islam. To convert to Islam all you have to do is recite one sentence: the Islamic profession of faith known as the Shahada. So what justifies this insistence that he isn't a Muslim?

Even if the man is not of immigrant origin, it is clear that Islamic ideas are being disseminated in Europe through Muslim immigration. Sometimes these ideas take root in the minds of Europeans, later to bear pernicious fruit. But immigration was still the vector that brought this evil into our midst.

Much of Islam's perniciousness derives from its ability to capture some of the ugliest elements of the human psyche - greed, lust, anxiety, grievance, ethnic antagonism, even mental disorder - and canalise them into destructive conflict. Emotions that might otherwise have dissipated harmlessly are instead ennobled, affirmed and acted upon. So in contrast to what commentariat class is now saying: this latest atrocity has everything to do with Islam, and with the disatrous immigration policies that brought this alien abomination into our midst.


  1. The claim that the criminal is 'mentally ill' is often made when Moslems commit crimes in the West; it is officialdom's way of trying to deflect the public's awareness that the problem IS Islam and its adherents. Also, by declaring a criminal mentally insane, it is a way of acquiescing to Islamic law which says that a non-Moslem life is worth less than that of a Moslem and that a Moslem should not be held responsible for the death of a non-Moslem.