Saturday, 19 March 2016


  1. Off topic but I'm curious since I respect your ideas somewhat: How do you feel about Trump?

    Buchanan, that great paleoconservative stalwart who has warned about the deleterious effects of immigration for decades, always gives Trump favourable coverage but stops short of endorsement; I think that's a clever (and Machiavellian) tactic so that Trump is not associated with any other "loose cannons" that the media can try and wield against Trump's nomination. I think it's likely Buchanan is 100% pro-Trump.

    Personally, I like his comments on Israel and the fact he's beholden to no one but only time will tell.

    What say you?

    1. Yeah, it's the same with David Duke whose radio show I've been listening to recently since they brought him into the discussion. He hasn't actually endorsed Trump, just said he's the best option available and potentially a game-changer.

      My view is basically the same. He's clearly the best option available in mainstream politics. And is he actually implements his policies - like the wall or the ban on Muslims - it will shift societal norms within European civilisation as a whole about what is acceptable. That's the kind of mould-breaking we need.

      That said, I don't have any deep faith in him. I think he's basically a con man, and it may turn out that he's conned the "right-wing European nationalists" too. But I'll take a con man with the right policies over a con man with the wrong policies. And even the example of successful resistance to the shame games the Establishment plays is important in itself.

      There's an article in the Jewish Chronicle I liked to in the IoStream that documents his many Jewish connections and advisers.

    2. Thanks for the insight! I read the JC article too, certainly his "Man Friday" speaks of him in glowing terms, and it is a little concerning that he and his father have deep ties with them but oh well. Like you I am a pragmatic soul, if he just stops immigration to the US, puts his foot down and revitalises the importance of borders I can stomach his other questionable bits. As you point out, whatever America does Europe follows like a faithful little shih tzu.

  2. Wilders pandering to the Jews and his support of the state of Israel has not protected him from charges such as this. He fully supports the holocaust propaganda as well. Once you destroy their claim that there was a "genocide" of Jews then they will be at a loss -