Monday, 21 March 2016


  1. CZ:Hungarian has similarities with Finnish and is rather difficult. Good luck.

    Re Orban's speech: it seems quite good but there is one point which raises doubt: he speaks of how Europe must be united in order to deal with the crisis of this invasion and this seems, rather worryingly, to hint at a united Europe under a European Army which, in reality, would be used by the EU genocidists and enslavers to ensure that the invasion would continue with less public notice and any serious resistance to it by the public put down with very swiftly and with a highly professional military force (which, by being a European-wide force of soldiers, would likely have less loyalty to whatever country they were deployed). Orban may be regarded by the EU traitors as quite useful in this regard because what they most fear is disconnected, ununified action by a few nation states reasserting the concept of nationhood in acting against this contrived 'crisis.'

    1. Also worth noting that Moslems now account for a significant percentage in several armies of European countries (France, Austria for example, have had problems in the past with the divided loyalties of their Moslem recruits; in one case in Austria an Imam had to be called in to discipline Moslem soldiers who refused to follow orders from non-Moslem officers, and Moslems in French military refused to fight against fellow Moslems). Imagine such a force used against unarmed Europeans as a so-called European Army.