Saturday, 5 March 2016

In something called the "European Administrators Program", the US government is running brainwashing programs for European educational officials. To be eligible for the program, people must:
• Be current full-time primary or secondary-level principals, provincial or regional educational administrators, or head teachers; 
• Have a minimum of five years of professional experience in an administrative leadership position in the education sector; 
• Be a citizen and current resident of France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, or the United Kingdom; 
• Demonstrate commitment to minority, immigrant and refugee youth outreach, support, and integration;
The background to the project is described as follows:
The ability to address the diverse needs of these youth, including their immediate and long-term academic, linguistic, social and economic advancement, depends upon the host communities’ capacity to provide comprehensive and appropriate educational programs and support. Research has demonstrated that significant gaps exist between the educational achievement of migrant youth and that of their peers, which carry significant social and economic consequences. 
The European Administrators Program will offer participants the opportunity to explore holistic strategies that have proven effective in supporting and integrating minority and immigrant populations into US schools and communities, to share best practices they currently employ in their home schools and districts, and to receive professional resources and materials to use upon their return home.
Project activities include:
• Engage in action planning for schools and communities; 
• Participate in high-level meetings with educational experts; 
• Visit schools and community organizations and have conversations with policy makers; 
• Explore second language acquisition approaches for youth and family members; 
• Examine effective means of youth outreach at federal, state, and local levels in the US and participating countries; 
• Explore the use of social media by youth as a potential tool for advancing their social integration; 
• Discuss various approaches to promoting the economic and social advancement of minority and immigrant youth, including at-risk youth, through educational initiatives, cultural activities, civic participation, and sports; 
• Analyze emergency planning and support approaches for influxes of large numbers of immigrants in crisis; 
• Discuss effective strategies for enhancing civic awareness of minority, immigrant, and at risk youth in the host society and schools, while supporting their connections to their ethnic heritage; and 
• Examine policies and practices aimed at reducing the achievement gap between immigrants and native-born students.
The intended result is to produce a cadre of pro-immigration activists.
Upon returning home, participants will be a part of a network of leaders creating change in the European, US, and global education systems. They will have continued access to professional learning communities and to online materials and activities.


  1. I smell George Soros all over this.

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